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January 22, 2013
This is a blending of art and poetry. It mismatches several years together of poems as a personal mythology. It has a subtitle of the phrase, “word salad” which is a terminology frequently used by those in the mental health field to describe a symptom both those with bipolar disorder (manic-depression) and schizophrenia both share. Word salad is a loose association between words, and the person expresses those words may have rapid speech, flight of speech or some sort of delusional thinking which leads to bizarre speech patterns. As an artist and poet with bipolar disorder, some of my writings do fall into this. Something abstract yet loosely tied together in my minds eye.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Thoughtful blends of Artistry and Poetry… October 23, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
“Mythology Seen Through Metaphor…Word Salad” is a thoughtful often sentimental expression of abstract thought and creative design. The poetry and artistry date from 1991-2013. Emily Sturgill is the highly prolific author/poet/artist of Memoirs of Recalled Madness: a personal account of manic-depressive illness. This is one of the numerous artist chapbooks she has published in addition to her memoir. Sturgill completed her formal education at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. She earned her BFA, and MFA in Art Education and Therapy.

Beginning this chapbook, Sturgill explains that she has written under various pen names: Eman Nepp, Zen Stupid, Anonymous S. My favorite is her alter-ego Ravin Starr, an emotionally sophisticated, slick, plus size, goth-like girl, with dark lacquered nails, matching lipstick, and lots of handmade jewelry. “Word Salad” is the first poem, which begins with flights of emotion, ideas, challenges of writing at times not making sense. Word Salad, a “mask of metaphor and memory.” A place of emptiness, a theft of speech, is the poem: “Robbery”, which evolves into the graffiti art of “Spray Can”. This, also a reminder of the empty, abandoned, and blighted homes in many Detroit area neighborhoods.
Sturgill likely accompanies her mother-in-law to an overwhelming medical appointment in “The Proposal”. A brief poem about being locked in a busy mental hospital: “Psych Ward” is telling, about laughing hyenas in a disturbing distracting environment. “Reversal of Fortune”: about being trapped in a looking glass with a plus size instead of a size 2. “Heavens Falling”: A free thought of laughter, drumbeats, and song. The touching sensitive memorial poetry for her Mother: “My Guilty Ghost Fever”, “Poem for My Mother”, “Motherless Daughter”, and “Mother Earth”. The last tribute: “Poem for my Father”.

Favorite art works include: Abstraction: (pen, ink, 2001), Abstraction of a Dragon: (acrylic painting, 1997), Self Portrait: (oil painting, 2003), Watercolor Landscape: (2013), Blue Light: (acrylic, 1996).
Many thanks and much appreciation to Amazon for the Kindle promotional copy. Giving this a 3* rating of GOOD.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Girl March 16, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
What an inspiring beautiful person Emily Sturgil is! I was glad to stumble upon this little book of poetry and paintings. Emily is a woman with Manic-Depressive Disorder but at the end we find out she has a great strong support group which we all need. I enjoyed reading this short snippit into her world, as a psych major I found it very interesting, powerful and awesome. Rock on Emily and I can’t wait to read more. Blessed Be!!
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Format:Kindle Edition
Many thanks to the author for sending me a complimentary copy. I am truly appreciative to have had the opportunity to have read through this book, one of many she has written. Emily herself is open about her mental illness (bipolar disorder). In reading through her works, many poems seem to allow you to climb inside of her head and understand and feel what she is experiencing. The title including Word Salad is very appropriate. Some of the poems are exactly that – a combination of words that could only be put together by this talented writer. Some of the poems I particularly enjoyed are “Poetry Likes to Stalk Me”, “Reversal of Fortune” and “Heaven’s Falling.” As an individual who dabbles in poetry myself I related to “Poetry Likes to Stalk Me” quite well. She puts the words of the poem together in a vivid, meaningful way. She expresses a wide variety of emotion, including grief and loss, emotions which many if not all of us can relate to on some level. Her artwork is a very nice addition to the book adding additional artistry and flair. I particularly like the painting “Watercolor Landscape.” I feel that this author has a knack for poetry and this would make a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys poetry or colorful writing and artwork or a beautiful addition to your own collection. I look forward to reading more from this author.


This link explains a bit about this disease:

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Above is the kindle link to my 4th E
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But as I said before this 4th edition will be FREE to download, Weds-Saturday of this week. The revisions I made concerned prior overlooked typo, grammar and spelling errors. Much of the content remained the same-I just really wanted it to flow more evenly for the reader. This style of confessional writing is not my forte’ -I do consider myself more of a Poet than a traditional Author. That being said, if you have ever been curious about mental illness or have friends or family with mental illness-my story does give a glimpse inside a bipolar mind. For more info please visit my links above and there were also 4 reviews of past versions. The most objective review came from Michel Short. She reviewed based on content and plot-rather than to critically examining any grammar errors. Thank you so much Michel. Thank you also to Cy Johnson for some early editing contributions and Thank you to Dr. Leesa Abbott for inspiring me to re-evaluate my own Memoirs. Leesa has written a book called ” A brief Guide to Thriving for Individuals with mental illness and their loved Ones.” by Dr. Leesa Abbott, 2013. I am hoping to publish a review of her work sometime in the next week.

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