The mythology behind being female

The Mythology behind being female:

Emily Sturgill

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Mythology behind being female:

We are taught from the time

we are very little that what matters most

is how you look on the outside

not how you really feel.

Are you pretty enough?

No, well then we have lots of stuff

let’s add some eyeliner, lipstick and a bit of blush.

Do not dress like a tomboy or wear your sweatpants

outside the house.

Do not forget to paste a smile and pretend it’s all better

because all those teardrops darling

will turn to rust

because it’s the outside the matters most

it’s the pastel shingles on your exterior house

do not show them your true colors

don’t display fear like a mouse

don’t throw tantrums like children do

it’s unbecoming beneath the beauty

of you.

The Mythology behind being female:

Do not forget to paste a smile and pretend it’s all better

because all those teardrops darling

will turn to rust.

The mythology of being female

suggests a magical facade, and a white picket fence.

Girls should never get angry, defensive or dirty.

Girls should always play nice.

But sometimes the wildness in me

unleashes a feminist and I feel

like my exterior has cracks, my mascara runs, I get angry

I cry easily, I put on those ugly sweatpants

and I refuse to act lady like.

I embrace all my curves, the ones I was “taught”

are called ugly or fat.

The Mythology behind being female:

Sometimes despite the Mythology of being Female

I get annoyed, I get outraged, and I fight back.

against all the stereotypes that say

I should always put others first.

I should always play nice.

I should look pretty

and put a smile of my face.

because sometimes even when

I am trying to blend in

even when I am attempting to be

the ideal perfect version of me?

sometimes I just do not care at all.


Do not forget to paste a smile and pretend it’s all better

because all those teardrops darling

will turn to rust, then what comes next?

Nobody likes hanging out with a hurricane.

Nobody enjoys an un-lady like version

of crass, profane, selfish, uncompassionate

messy looking, emotional lunacy

a loud version of profanity

and ultimately a vulgar shadow

of a hysterical woman

this collides with the Mythology of being



While I’ve been ignoring you…

While I’ve been ignoring you-my dear blog-and my dear readers, I have been working non-stop. I am attempted to publish a book that is only artwork-no poetry. Well, on the plus side I have quite a bit of art to share, on the downside I am more of a “fine” artist as opposed to a “graphic artist” . So my skills as a photographer, need some improvement as well as my ability to correct center and frame images on a page.

Meanwhile it’s a work in progress. I maybe able to get it done sometime this week-but it still needs a lot of love.

It is called,”Art before words.” and it is Volume One of a Two part series. The Series is simply called,”Art,Art, Art!! Before words.”

Volume One covers the mid-1990s- 2006. Mostly my undergraduate years. Volume Two will cover 2006-2013. The Graduate years.

I hope it is interesting to people. I’m not sure how to describe my art, it is as unique, unusual and a bit crazy-just like I am.

But I would rather you judge and drew your own conclusions.

I will let you know once I have it all figured out.cover for art art art before words noback cover art before words3 copy