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old art and new 001 distortion in a compact 1 I want the job cartoon1 old art and new 002 old art and new 007 old art and new 009These are some of the drawings I put together as a last minute portfolio for a job interview at The Detroit Institute of Arts, last week. That was before the huge announcement that the city of Detroit was filing for chapter 9 bankruptcy. I did get an email yesterday saying I did not get the job. It would have been as a studio assistant, helping during art-making workshops at the DIA. I would have really loved it but they said no. All the artwork here-except-the cartoon about wanting a job-was part of my portfolio. there were other pieces too. I think I just do not have advanced enough technical drawing skills.

Excitement drips through the air:

Excitement drips through the air;

like liquid curiosity.

Excitement lingers sweetly,

like a musky perfume I cannot get rid of.

The waiting is like walking on eggshells.

The cliches are rampant,

filling my head with half-truths,

and half-forgotten phrases.


Waiting for my phone to ring (again)…

Hopeful that maybe, just maybe,

it could be good-no wait-great news!!!


The excitement comes in waves-

tension, built of nervous energy, and anticipation,

for the unexpected….


They called me once, and I missed their call.

I gave a call back and left a message.

Will i hear back before 5 pm?

I really do not know, slipping and sliding,

onto the edge of anticipation.


The question remains, will i finally get

a job or not???