NEW-RELEASE! Short Stories, prose, art, poetry &fiction…NEW book!!

I just released my first attempts in the short story genre.It is not very long, and it supplemented it with art and poetry-It is roughly 53 pages long. I used to stories I wrote during my BFA under-grad program in a creative writing class from 2003. I also wrote a couple new short stories too. It is now available in the kindle store. I am still a waiting approval on my paperback from the Createspace store.

HERE is a link:

This is a preview of the paperback book cover.

BookCoverPreview Short StoriesApril2015     There is not too much I can say beyond, that this terrifies me. Short stories have always been fun yet intimidatingly daunting to attempt to write. I love to read them myself. But I am uncertain if I am very good at writing them. Proceed reading with extra caution, because I am primarily a painter & a poet. It requires a different mind set to write a good short story. Although, some might argue, if your a good enough writer you can really write anything at all. If that is true?

Wow!! Wonderful….now pardon me, while I go write the next best selling Harlequin Romance or the next must have 50 shades of grey or Harry Potter…..Um, quite possibly I think those types of writing are very popular & possibly quite wonderful but totally beyond my grasp. I do not read those types of books so I doubt highly I could ever write one!!!! But I do write the way I do, in a surrealistic sideways freak-show type of way-warts and all…

If you check out my new kindle book, please,please,please!! Consider leaving me a review or some feedback on this blog post or on my Authors page:

Thank you for your time reading this!! Sincere thanks, Emily

Revisions added to Dredging up Demeter Anthology: 2nd Edition should be released tomorrow!

Hi. I am very pleased to announce that there is now some additional poetry in my recent anthology called,”Dredging up Demeter: An Autumn Anthology.” which is available off’s kindle platform for just $3.33. There was one last poet whose work I wanted to also include. Everyone really worked hard on this collection. The following poets are featured in this work:

Lessa Abbott, Omavi Victorine,Celestine Nudana,Jacob Appelman,Katy Ottaway,Scott William Kendall, Anna Bianca, Carrie Page,Emily Sturgill and Bianca Alu-Marr. 

This second revised edition was expanded to include the poetry of Bianca Alu-Marr and I wish to welcome her and thank her for joining our project. I expect to hear back from kindel tomorrow regarding the updates.

I did try to change the book cover a bit. But that was really about it. If you are one of the readers who have already gotten your kindle rcopy there should be instructions on how to update your version or kindle may contact you letting you know there are updates. If not you can go to manage my kindle on and click a box to manually update one or all of your ebooks. I believe thy have a feature that you can choose called whispersync or something  similar to that which allows you to automatically update anytime any author updates an ebook you have already bought.

Dredging up Demeter Second Edition Cover for KindelThis anthology would never had been possible if it were not for the creative collaboration of all of my poets.

I am hoping to submit a paperback version soon and will let everyone knows when that happens. It has been such a joyous experience to read all the wonderful and varied poetry around seasonal themes. Some Poets also choose to submit photography or artwork to compliment their writings. Once again, I just wanted to give sincere thanks for everybody coming together in the unique and fun way.

Here is a link:

The updated version will not be available for at least 12-24 hrs. So either by tomorrow evening or tomorrow morning depending, BUT since I slightly altered the cover that would be a great way to make sure you are getting the latest version!

NEW RELEASE: Dredging up Demeter:An Autumn Anthology

My second Anthology Poetry project that I edited is now available on kindle for $3.33.

It contains the hard work of eight other poets, nine including myself. I just updated the book description to include all the poets names-however those changes will not appear for 12 hours. But this is what the updated description should say:

This is a creative collaborative collection of poetry focusing on three seasonal themes. First is Autumn, Secondly is seasonal holidays such as Dia de los muertos, Halloween, Samhain, Thanksgiving, Winter Solstice, Yule and Christmas. Last is transitioning the changing of Seasons from Summer into Autumn, or Autumn into Winter. There is an underlying connection to the natural world and our place as Poets in it. This collection is very unique yet diverse. Hopefully we weave a web of interrelated connections of Nature and her four seasons as we knock upon her door, we are dredging up Demeter.

This collection contains the works of: Leesa Abbott, Omavi Victorine, Celestine Nudana, Jacob Appelman, Katy Ottaway,Scott William Kendall, Anna Bianca,Carrie Page and Emily Sturgill.

That last part was added this morning and should show up tomorrow!! I really meant to put it in the first time!!! Sincere apologies!

Everyone worked very hard on this. I really appreciate all the poets for making this happen-I merely had an idea-they supplied all of their talents.

Current Kindle Countdown deal: “Memoirs Recalled Madness: a personal account of living with manic depressive illness.” 99 cents!

In 2013 I wrote a memoir about my own personal experience growing up and later being diagnosed with manic-depression.

Right now, as a Kindle Countdown deal that ebook is reduced from $9.99 to just 99 cents. Since it is a countdown deal the price will increase over the next few days until it is back to it’s original price. So I suggest if it at all has remote interest for you, please go ahead and buy a copy while the price is marked down. This count down started yesterday Oct 31st and runs until Nov 7, 2014. Thank you.

For more information please click on this link:

Preview of new chapbook now available, “Lavender Surprise: poems and art”

This is a short-under five min-video introducing my newest chapbook,”Lavender Surprise: poems and art.” by Emily Sturgill (2013) I read 2 new poems, from my book but are not on my blog, and share a piece of artwork, a watercolor collage that is featured in the book. If you are interested in this book or any of the other chapbooks they are all available off my Authors page:

P.s. BTW: I apologize if I sound a bit like daffy duck, I am wearing my partials in the video and I do not wear them often enough, so they kinda make me talk funny….;(

Any feedback on any of my poetry or art or blog is always very welcome. I do not get enough info, I feel from my readers. Sometimes I get a lot of “likes” which makes my heart flutter, but that doesn’t tell or inform me on why or what it was about it that you liked it. I just think feedback would be a wonderful way to improve my writing, technique, style or voice….It is just helpful, if any of you would like to do that, it would be very cool.

upcoming new release:

I just put the final touches on my latest poetry and artwork chapbook this evening. 
I just submitted it to This latest chapbook is called,”Lavender Surprise: Poetry & Art.” by Emily H. Sturgill 2013.It is roughly 38 pages long and will be available on for the kindle for $5.99. The paperback version will also be available to order off It will be 8.5 x 11 with color artwork, and poetry, for just $9.99.

This volume does include two recent poems off my blog, “Concrete Hornets nest.” and “Artistically inclined.” I just choose to include them because I got a very positive response on them both. The poetry in this volume is otherwise all brand new, and taken from my personal journal entries.I try a different approach to my writing, a bit more stream of consciousness meets something surreal. I’m very excited to see if anyone likes them. If your interested in this new book or any of my other 6 published works, please visit my Authors page at 

To clarify for you, my readers:

I just wanted to make sure you know a few things. First of all, I love writing this blog, the positive responses I have gotten really blow me away.
Secondly, about my e-books on kindle and paperbacks availablefor purchase on

They have completely different poetry and artwork, then that that is featured on my blog. Occasionally, I make an exception and if one or two of my poems from the blog are immensely popular I may include it in a future poetry and artwork chapbook. I have done this so far with a couple of my chapbooks. But for the most part, it is like 98% of stuff you have never read or seen before.

My writing style, on both the blog and my books is very very similiar. I am who I am; I cannot really change my “voice” or “method” to my writing. It is part confessional, part memoir, part fiction, part make-believe….sometimes there are true facts meshed in, but sometimes I alter things just enough to not offend too my people, like family or friends.

But if you are interested please check out some of the pages on my blog;
poems, prose and ramblings, Authors page, and videos from youtube, has videos of me readigs excerpt poems from my chapbooks.

Just wanted to let people know, it seems like, I keep getting new readers signing up, for this blog. For the rest of you who have been here longer, so sorry for the informerical, it’s just really hard to make a buck, these days.

I always welcome comments and feedback on my blogs or on my chapbooks. You can also message me directly at

You guys all rock.I am just happy that somebody somewhere actually reads my dribble and that you like it, that makes me very happy. Thank you for reading my “stuff”-Emily

about free kindle download promos:

im unsure if any of you, have taken advantage of the free download promo periods where you can download one or two of my ebooks for free?
I suspect , that perhaps one or two or you may have, because i check up on the number of downloads which take place. Sometimes, the numbers appear slightly crazy ranging anywhere free 9-107.

Yeah, one actually did get 107 downloads, it was either my first one, or my fourth one. Let me tell you a little secret, now that my blog has like 75 readers and i mostly talk about my e-books, on this blog, it is only somewhat logical, to deduce, to randomly guess, that one or two of you may have read something i wrote?

Which, i think is totally awesome of you!! If you took time out of your hectic and busy days, to download one of my books for free and actually read some or all of it, that is fantastic!!!!

Here’s the thing though. Nobody is posting comments or reviews on my Authors page…ecept for one really nice guy who reviewed my 1st e-book.
But his review, although very generous is getting lonely in the cold airs of cyberspace!!

Hey Guys, c’mon…..let me share another secret….i believe, that Reviews, can help sell books. Maybe, im old fashioned or out of touch with reality-sure that one’s highly plausible…..BUT…IT..would increase my low, battered, broken down self-esteem and tarnished self-image, if just one or two or a few of you would writea review!!!!! Pretty Pretty, Pretty Please!!
And believe it or not, lets you review a kindle e-book, that you did not even buy or pay for. That’s right, you can review them, when you have downloaded them totally and utterly for free!!!

Thus, you can help an Author/Artist/Poet drive up her sales, just by writing a short paragragh, on how awesome, groovy or cool her stuff was or and is.

It helps me out but costs you absolutely nothing but five meager minutes of your time. Alternatively, i suppose you could writethat you hated it too.But that would be very devstating for me to hear/learn. Any feedback ultimately is in your hands, but could i ask you a favor?

If you downloaded one of my e-books, read it and liked it even a smmall amount, will you just consider submitting some sort of review?

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