When the Daytime is swallowed by the tongue of twilight:

When the Daytime is swallowed by the tongue of twilight:

by Emily Sturgill, 11/13/14

When the Daytime is swallowed by the tongue of twilight,

and the sun begins to sink

softly slowing it rolls

away shrinking in fear

from the Creature Wind

& the might of the chill

of Michigan’s November Twillight.

The Sun disappears into a Mist

of storm clouds and scattered snowflakes.

And yet the Moon, for her the time is just

not right.

Because, When the Daytime is swallowed by the tongue of twilight,

For hours the Moon, herself too, remains hidden,

out of sight, and grayness covers everything.

The grayness of twilight, envelopes the Sky.

The Stars hide too because of the crisp

November chill to the Air.

And,  When the Daytime is swallowed by the tongue of twilight,

you better hang onto your horses tightly,

you better take a deep breath & wait

as the Day becomes united

with the evening Sky,

and even the earliest Star twinkles upon

its own time frame

it glistens only with in

the limits of its very own

simple hourglass.

When the Daytime is swallowed by the tongue of twilight

that is when the Poems finally appear

whispering their rambling murmurs

indirectly in my ear.

the words rattle,buzz, and hum

complete nonsense

making no sense to anyone else but me.

They are not an audible presence but rather

a shape-shifting ghost of a thought.

I reach out for the words

at my brains edges and grab them up

like fists full of dirt.

When the Daytime is swallowed by the tongue of twilight

There is no better Muse

than the Kali Goddess with multiple arms

filled with twilight, nightfall, fading sunlight

disappearing Stars, a Self-conscious Sister Moon

and fist fulls of poems with edges

of dirt and roots

composed entirely of grass.

A sharpen spear, a skull with cross bones & a touch

of fear.

When the Daytime is swallowed by the tongue of twilight

You better be careful.

You better be nice. Don’t tread on that water,

it’s turning to ice.

There is no better Muse,

then a warrior Goddess, with many caring hands

to curl up the world and carry her

like a token favor won

in a feverish struggle between

Kali the Mother Goddess

and Kali the Goddess of War.

When the Daytime is swallowed by the tongue of twilight

I close my eyes.

I open my heart.

I feel the breath of a dragon.

I feel the chill in the air.

I open my eyes

and I close up my heart

Kail is here with me

She guides me blindly

into the direction

of Art.

.57          Note:  This  image was downloaded off internet, I downloaded it only for personal use-like a background image or screensaver- I have no copy write to this image- this is NOT one of my own Art pieces.

& unfortunately I misplaced what site or artist made this. I only am “borrowing” image because it is so very beautiful.

least there be sharks….

Swimming with the fishes.

Swimming with the fishes, all beauty, and joy-

the heart of Asia

belongs to the Koi. (photo shown below was find in a Google image search-i do not hold the rights, but cheers to the photographer, its amazing!)

Swimming with the fishes, peace and joy. It’s like they are flying in a sky filled of beauty deep blue water. Their lives must be so graceful. So blessed. To be simply swimming with the fishes, forgetting all else. Savoring the sea or the pond as the case might be. Dreaming the dreams of creatures in the sea. To be blissful to be aware of natures truth and beauty. To reproduce without care nor worry. To joyfully join in the currents of peaceful waves, to watch the rock glow and shine beneath you as you sleep with eyes wide open, eight feet deep,to swim and swim and dream again-to breathe underwater, to fall through the water, swimming with the fishes, all beauty all joy. The heart of Asia belongs to the subtle, yet joyous Koi.


Recovery divided by 3

Recovery divided by 3:

one part is the recovery of the physical self.

recovery of an illness and god knows what else?


Part 2 is recovery of the mentality.

Recovery of what ails and troubles

the mind.


Lastly, Recovery part 3:

is of the soul.

A recovery to balance a lifetime.


To intermingle, the ills of the body, mind, and soul…

Recovery is the word

that sums up, where we go-

from here to eternity.


To incarnate oneself in the present

zen of a moment,

to take in a single breath

and allow oneself to rest.


Recovery is nature’s way.

She heals us from the inside, out.

But only if we allow her,

only if we are receptive.


To receive a world;

comprised of blessings and wellness,

is to become whole.

Recovery is division.

Simple mathematics of  atoms and neurons.


Recovery divided by 3.

The ever elusive equation of energy

which equates us into

small earthquakes of belonging.