Book Giveaways Still Ongoing

My most recent release is a poetry chapbook on the topic of Endometriosis. Endo affects as many as one in ten women during puberty up until their childbearing years are over. It is a very painful condition with lack of research being funded for what causes the disease-although there are many theories-and there is no known cure.

My book of poems is written from the viewpoint of having this invisible illness and having its severe form stage IV-four.

Endo impacts a woman’s ability to bear children, it can cause infertility and miscarriages.

Anyways, I am giving away one signed autographed copy through the Good Reads program.

Here is a link to enter:

Another giveaway is still ongoing-my short story, prose, art and poetry book-also published this month-

“A Mandala that happened on the way to a car crash and other stories.” Emily Sturgill (2015) is still available to enter to win one of two copies being signed and raffled off.

That link is here:

That giveaway started on April 7, 2015 and it ends on May 7, 2015. The first giveaway mentioned above just started on April 20 and runs until June 18,2015.

Book books are also available to purchase as paperbacks or as the more affordable Ebook option.

All my books can be found on my’s Author page:

My endo book of poetry-the ebook-has a slightly different title and a different book cover than the paperback but all the inside material is exactly the same. The ebook only costs $2.99

Here is a link:

My ebook of short stories is only $4.73

Here is a link to buy:


Win a Free Paperback copy of”Art,Art,Art!!!Before Words:Volume two.”By Emily Sturgill

I’m hosting a Good book Giveaway of my second Artist Chapbook: “Art,Art,Art!!! Before Words:Vol 2.”

Book Description: “This is the second half of a two-part Series called, “Art, Art, Art!!! Before Words.” The first volume was released in Spring of 2013. This final volume is being released in Spring 2014. This one contains much more photography, digital photography, and other artworks.It is roughly 52 pages long. It spans a number of years in the Artist’s life: from 1996-2013.”

HERE is the LINK to enter to WIN:

You must be a Good Reads community member to enter but joining goodreads is free. It is a free social media site devoted to reading, writing & reviewing books. Just go to to sign up and join. Many authors have book giveaways just like this one. I am giving away 5 copies of this Art book!! The drawing started yesterday & the deadline is Dec 1st & It is entirely free, if you win I will pay shipping and handling. All I ask is please consider, submitting a review of my book if you win it. Thank you!-Emily

About “Art before words”-free promo today!!!


If any of you downloaded my earlier version of Art before words, when it was free-around may 10-11th, 2013 and found that it did not meet your expectations, I am so sorry.However, I did make several revisions since then and now it seems to flow better.

In order to get this latest updated version for free today, please follow these steps. Log onto account. Click on the right hand side where you find the words “Manage my Kindle.” Then select my book, “Art before words” and right click on the actions tab. There should be an option of delete this from library. I think if you make sure your kindle is on when you do that then this next step maybe unnecessary. Go to your kindle device and click on the three dots in the upper right corner, where you would click for sync and update new items. Instead of update- click on the remove option. Then it will show you a list-highlight Art before words-then click remove. It will tell you you will have to repurchase it to read it again-go ahead and delete. Then you can go to and re-download for free the revised copy, which is dated May 15, 2013. This is a link:

If that is too much hassle. I totally understand. is going to be reviewing my newer content over the next 4 weeks or so. If they deem my changes to be significant and you downloaded the earlier version, then they might contact you on updating. Unfortunately, if you did already download it earlier, I do not think that they will let you download it again-unless you delete from library or wait to see what they decide regarding my changes.

If you have yet to download it-why not give it a try? If you do not own a kindle, a tablet, a IPAD. an IPHONE, or android reading device-you can always download for free, a kindle app for your PC. Just google the phrase,”Kindle App Free for PC ” there should be an link that is free and legit to download the kindle app. I believe that there maybe one for the Mac as well, but am uncertain? I own a plain old PC-(personal computer). This is mostly just an Artist picture book of artwork I have done mostly in the late 1990’s- 2006. I did throw in a couple of things from 2012-13. Not much. Art Before Words is Volume One of a 2 part series, called “Art, Art, Art!!! Before Words.” Volume 2 will eventually cover art from 2006-2013. I’m not too sure when that will be coming out but I will let everybody know.

Please feel free to leave comments or reviews on this book or any of my other books by visiting my Authors page at:

You can also leave me comments right here. Thanks!-EmilyArt before words new front cover copy

Ongoing Promotion: Free Art e-book download

back cover art before words3 copy cover for art art art before words no

Ongoing Kindle Download Promotion: “Art before words.” Volume One of a two volume set, of a Series called, “Art, Art, Art:Before words.” To find out more here is a direct link:

The kindle version went into free promo last night at midnight and it runs through Sunday May 12, 2013. It contains artwork consisting of paintings, drawings and some digital photography. The work spans from the mid 1990’s-2006, for the most part.

This is mostly just images and titles. Hopefully, if you do download it, you will enjoy it.


2 possible (new) ideas for e-books

My husband and I have been chatting since i started the kindle direct publishing, self-publishing, back in Jan. He feels I should put together a book that is all and only artwork.

Is this of interest to anybody? Do you want to see more art? Would you buy a kindle e-book or paperback of only my artwork? You’ve seen samples of my art in my poetry/artist chapbooks? Thoughts comments???


The second idea is putting out a book on art therapy ideas/projects. We call them art therapy experientials. I have many that I came up with and used during my two primary art therapy internships, but originally i did four internships-the other two, one was with VSA of Michigan-they teach art skills to disabled youth and teens. I did enjoy that site very much, the people were nice. I just had little interest in teaching kids technical skills relating to graphic art and design. First of all, I’m bad at that type of very structured “tight” artwork-things like perspective drawing and still-life drawings. Secondly, they already had a hired professional graphic artist and teacher there on site. Last, I prefer actual art therapy. This was not about creativity or self-expression-it was about the technical side of drawing. The other site, was a soup kitchen I was mistakenly sent to for only one session!! There was some mis-communication.They already had enough AT interns-they thought I was there as a Grad Student Researcher-opps! There was a fifth site but it too only lasted one day. The person in charge was very high strung, very high drama, and as somebody with a mental illnes, I require some structure-which her program was sadly lacking.


Obviously, a book of art therapy project ideas will probably only interest art therapists….unless there are artists out there willing to read such a book as a self-help, tool. Would anybody be interested in books like these? Please leave comments, feedback here for me, i almost always post such comments thank you.