When my world came crashing down on me

When my world came crashing down on me-

When my world fell down about my knees

and shards of broken glass were everywhere to be seen

when all hope was lost and darkness fell

somebody reached out towards me in the midst of my mess

my living turmoil of troubles.

They reached their hand into the deep waters and dragged me

to shore. They saved a dying drowning girl who was tattered in ruins and

in love with the Storm.

When my world came crashing down on me-

When the cities were full of burning buildings

and smoke filled my lungs when there were no heroes in site

and nobody to be counted on

this lone man appeared to save me

just randomly

out of the blue

out of the internet

a complete and utter stranger

but somehow I just knew,

to trust him. And so I did and so it began.

a strange sort of friendship with a stranger from a far away land.

And now when I sleep

I only have dreams of really meeting him.

I have dreams of Starlight and of September.

I have dreams of long travels and hopeful

that I can only get my broken compass to work.

I hope that when I am searching my map its the same one he sees.

I hope if I were to dare to take a journey

he would find me.

beneath a cup of coffee

beneath a cup of coffee,

you will find me,

as i stare off into space,

with that same dizzy distortion

on my face

which signals that i am thinking,

as i am drinking,

beneath a cup of black coffee,

that’s where you’ll find me,

hiding in a crowd


twisted into a day-dream,

drifting off upon my randomness

of thought, caught up spider-web style

into my thinking again.

beneath a hot cup of black coffee.

How to say nothing in so many words

How to say nothing in so many words?

Well, it’s a gamble,

but you merely just ramble,

and pray

that somebody someday

will like what you say

even if the meaning is only

skin-deep. Even if the meaning is

absolutely nothing to do

with anybody or anything

just a bloody rhyme

to waste some time.

I won’t try to fool you,

into any great expectations,

there is a lunatic at my keyboard

and that lunatic unfortunately, is me.

So what can i say, in a new novel way,

about absolutely nothing,

that you have not already heard?

Well nothing is huge, like a raven bird,

its wingspan is great, and it does not just fly,

it seems to hover- instead-about you-as if

its about to swoop down and attack your head.

Nothing is a wild beast of a bird,

with a song seldom heard.

Nothing will get you if you dare-

to not do anything you supposed to do-

if you just sit there,

nothing will surely swoop down for the attack,

and then nothing will happen,

nothing will happen to you

at all.

Nothing is made up of the stuff;

of unfinished daydreams, lost loose change, unfinished house-work, an un-made bed, the blank journal page, the blank canvas screaming for paint, the un-read novel you have not bought you. Nothing contains all this and more.

Nothing is hard to define, to pinpoint its exact location,

but it loves boredom a lot often the two

can be seen romantically inclined.

Much ado about nothing.

How do you say nothing in 257 words or less?


primrose, with thorns, too fuzzy

too mangled and muddy to see….

primrose, with thorns, hidden

beneath your colorful bounty of joy,

beneath my fingers, your sharpest points,prick me

into another ending,

heartbreak at a glance,

devastating to the touch.

primrose, a prick of blood, a sure sign


spring will follow suit, soothing winters snowstorms with

the blush of color beneath a thunderstorm,

and all that mud, my dog just dragged in.