Art Makes Me Feel…everything!!

Art Makes me feel Everything-


Emily Sturgill

Art makes me






Art makes me





Art makes me…





collage &


Art makes me…

do so many things,

I would have never done

if i kept the art bottled up

up inside, deep inside my

somewhat fragile & broken


Art makes me..




Art makes me


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Sincere Wishes,

Emily Sturgill

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Landslide by Emily Sturgill

Landslide 1/21/13

Its like a landslide,

of a troubled mind.

Is like a mudslide, a pent up hurricane, a torrent

of icy rain-this,this ,this,-Feeling.

A feeling buried so deep inside-

that I must-I must-I have to try.

I gotta make something-something-something-

all brand new.

A piece of art, or a slice of poetry, some sorta collage

something rich and vast,

in personal history.

I gotta, gotta, gotta-make some art-

if its the last thing I do. Its desperate this feeling, this urge,

to create something, anything,at all-

to reach into the void

and create something out of nothing-no,

nothing at all.

i must make some art.

I must do it quick-

before my mind has time-

to flip that switch,

and the creativity leaves me-like

in a landslide-it will disappear quick,

I must make something, something all brand new,

something wounderous and pretty-

or monsterious and ugly-it does not matter.

All the art is built up deep inside,

it needs to come out.

A piece of art, or a slice of poetry, some sorta collage

something rich and vast,

in personal history.

I gotta, gotta, gotta-make some art-

if its the last thing I do. Its desperate this feeling, this urge,

to create something, anything,at all-

to reach into the void.

CAM00347 My basement Art Studio.CAM00342 CAM00344Those are Artists helpers #1 and #2.

CAM00335 16x 20, mixed media on canvas, Body & Soul, by Emily Sturgill, 2013.


Still time to RSVP Artist talk & Art Therapy Workshop

Art Therapy Flyer August 1 2013  On August 1,2013 which is a Thursday evening I will be hosting an Artist Talk on Mental Health and Recovery through Art-making. I will also do a short demo of 2 different watercolor techniques. Then guests will be invited to create their own watercolor artworks. Tickets are only $20 per person and include all supplies. They ask persons to please register in advance. The deadline is tomorrow night.

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There is still plenty of room available. Please feel free to leave comments if you would like to attend and need more info. This will be in Pontiac Mi. They will also have some of my chap-books for sale. If you buy one, I will sign it for you at no charge-only if you want though! 🙂

On the rail-road tracks of a unhinged mind:


Under the crushing weight of deep thought,
my mind collaspes, with all that i got.
al that i got,
to live up too, all that i want to do, accomplish,
live for and more.

So many thoughts randomly attack
with the buzz buzz buzz
of a bee, stinging me sweetly
in all the wrong spots.

thinking thoughts of everything i have,
and all that i have got.
things i have choosen but other things,
i have caught.

like the slight of a sneeze…
the beginnings of a bigger malady.
a song starts outs,
in the background of a room covered in red.

red paint, red walls, red bedsheets…
the color of anger, the color of passion, the color of sex.
red is the color of the universe as she bleeds out.

and i am strapped down, deeply divided,
by my own polarities .
Strapped down tight to a railroad crossing,
a railroad track of an unhinged mind.

nothing worse or less-
than the fact the mind is of my own.
And the metaphor belongs to me Alone.

A self-portrait designed by the Poetic.
A tortured soul, a depressed young woman,
middle aged and over-ripe, by time.

musings of a manic-depressive mind.
of a dress-rehearse-sal…
i am a passerby, as i watch words,
tumble loosely from fingertips coated in fine
golden dust, as my shadow slowy changes
from wine to rust.


I have been listening to this song a lot lately. My husband likes to watch mtv2 and this video comes on alot.It is a pretty fabolously strange video.

I wrote a poem after listening to this song far too many times perhaps. The poem of course has barely anything at all to do with the song…Life is like that sometimes. I will share the poem in my next post. Just give me like five min.

I robot and other fairy tales…

i robot, and other fairy tales
by Emily Sturgill

We live in a digital age. Everything is computerized.From our “smart phones.” to our DVR players, to our video games, and our “app stores”-
Everything is run by electricity and it’s all computerized.
You can get your favorite pet-micro-chipped, but not your husband or wife,
just yet…sooner then later that will also be the norm.

With all this advanced technology, you would expect that it unites people,
but i will go out on a limb and say, it divides people too.

All this computer-tech-savy-ness, takes us apart from others. It isolates us.
How many times does my husband have to come home from work and run straight to his desktop PC, to check his MyFace, or email or news, before i begin to feel invisbile…or at least i would if i would not already listening to music or watching tv or writing on my blog or checking my own email…

So many of these techno-activities are solo. They are done solitary. I really do not understand internet dating-although I know persons who have done it and I try not to judge. I’m a far cry from a luddite-I’m just as addicted to my internet as everyone else around me.

but every once in a while, my mood descends like the Sun going down for the Day. I simply crash, not my computer, but my system-my personal bodily system. I turn the damn computer off. I turn off the cellphone. I take a nap sometimes. Today I spent 2 hours painting with watercolors.

These are somethings to do to charge your human body-batteries:
1. take a walk
2. play with a child
3. read a book
4.plant a garden
5. look for animal shapes in the clouds, outside, in the sky
6.connect with nature-go talk to a tree or better yet hug one.
7. read a book-no not a digital book-a real one where you can bend the corner to mark your place on the book’s page
8.Spend time with pets or animals
9.Spend time with family-eat dinners together
10. make real live face chat with your friends-the ones in real life.
11.Watch a sunset or sunrise.
12. At night try to see the constellations.
13. Make somebody laugh today.

I’m sure you have your own lists. My question is do we really own our laptops, computers, smartphones,email accounts, video-games or are these the things which own us the most?

i robot or is it just another modern day fairy tale?