The Red Line

The Red Line-by Emily H. Sturgill

4/4/15 9:38 AM EST

The Red Line

where does all this blood

and gore come from?

and why do people try

to deny

women who are in intense pain

the truth of their condition

why do they insist these poor

creatures are feeding them

nothing but lies?

Get on The Red Line Baby…

Come along for the ride…

we got plenty of seats

if you’ve got the time.

We will show you a trick or two,

of how we do what we do.

How we manage the pain,

it’s a losing game

with plot twists and curves and angles


Go ahead we dare you!

Just open the door.

Jump on The Red Line Baby.

Come along for the ride.

We cannot guarantee it-

but we can certainly bleed it.

We cannot guarantee it-

because you’ll never believe it!

We cannot guarantee it-

but the pain will send you reeling

and it’s could possibly make you

feel as though your losing your mind.

Step up here.

Just in time.

For the Red Line.

Every 26-45 days..

the moon cycles backwards

and a woman screams outwards

She screams out her pain.

And the blood does flow

freely as though

she cut open a vein.

But we are told, that this is normal,

this much blood.

this much pain.

perfectly normal.

to suggest any otherwise?

you must be insane.

So Jump right up the Red Line


Watch me twist, turn, yipe,

and contort-as if I am a puppet

and my uterus holds my strings.

But isn’t this just what women do?

Isn’t this just normal, childbearing stuff?

It’s ok that the men do not believe it.

What hurts us the most,

are the other women who doubt us.

Then the doctors too who do not believe us.

Take your time.

Get in Line.

Jump right in, then learn to swim.

swim as though you are

very afraid of drowning

not in tears, not in lakes

but in rivers filled of blood.

Come on, aboard, everybody

get on quick. Step right up,


The Red Line.