Still time to RSVP Artist talk & Art Therapy Workshop

Art Therapy Flyer August 1 2013  On August 1,2013 which is a Thursday evening I will be hosting an Artist Talk on Mental Health and Recovery through Art-making. I will also do a short demo of 2 different watercolor techniques. Then guests will be invited to create their own watercolor artworks. Tickets are only $20 per person and include all supplies. They ask persons to please register in advance. The deadline is tomorrow night.

You can register by going to the studio’s website here:

There is still plenty of room available. Please feel free to leave comments if you would like to attend and need more info. This will be in Pontiac Mi. They will also have some of my chap-books for sale. If you buy one, I will sign it for you at no charge-only if you want though! 🙂

Artist Talk on August 1, 2013 by Emily Sturgill M.Ed, BFA

Artist Talk on August 1, 2013 by Emily Sturgill M.Ed, BFA

Join me at an Artist Talk & Art-Therapy Workshop at the Art Experience in Pontiac Mich. Tickets are only $20. The deadline to register is July 25, 2013.
You can register at:
The topic will be on Recovery in Mental Health through art-making.

Artist Talk and Artist Workshop postponed

watercolored heart art talk flyer newFlyer Art Talk no 4 copy Falling to pieces by EHCato 1999


Originally, I was hosting an Artist Talk set for tomorrow June 25, 2013 from 6:00 pm- 8:00pm, at The Art Experience in Pontiac Mi. I was asked to speak about my experiences as an Artist, an Art Therapist and also someone who is in recovery from Mental Illness. (I have bipolar 1 disorder.)

Unfortunately, we could not get enough persons registered in advance. Sadly I only had two guests registered-they require a min of 5 persons.

They are allowing me to reschedule the event. I will have new flyers soon. The new date for the event is Thursday August 1, 2013 from 7:00 pm- 9:00pm. They would prefer persons registering at least one week in advance at their website:

The website has not been updated to reflect the changes just yet it may take a few days. The ticket cost is still the same $20 per guest, but this includes my personal presentation on Recovery through Art-making, a brief Q &A period, an Art Demo and finally guests will be invited to create their own artworks-supplies included.

I hope I can increase turn-out somehow. I really wish to be able to let people know, although living with mental illness is challenging there is much hope along the way and you are much less alone than you think.

Relaxing with music-all alone again….

Relaxing with music,

the Singer-songwriter M.Ward,

sings sweetly in my background.

My mother in law is at a doctors appointment.

My husband has left to go watch the latest

Superman movie-then he has a therapy appointment.


I’m all alone, at home again.

It’s peaceful. Despite a few stray teardrops,

which escape me.


Mood wise-slide sideways,

between sad and joy…

relief at being simply more of myself,



More in control.

Heads still somewhat cloudy-

but feet are nailed safely/to the ground.


Every-time, I have another

manic-depressive episode,

it feels as though both my body and brain-

have betrayed me yet again.



They have turned me inside out/

into somebody insane…

just the name of this

illness game.


There is nothing I can really do

except my best,

to avoid these times/

of madness, at the slip of a dime.


I take my medicine as prescribed.

I never miss my doctor sessions.

I try to get enough sleep.

I try to not freak out.


Despite the hurdle of Everything/

I occasionally still/

completely lose my mind.


It always feels as though-

I have betrayed myself somehow…

My episodes the last two years, strictly on my meds,

have been smaller & shorter,

no real damage has been done.


I should feel happy,

as if I’ve won.

But instead I am sadden by the way,

I become undone.

Like a sweater with one button popping loose,

as if by random chance.


I know of others with my disease,

have fewer times of the in-between.

Fewer times of the semi-normalcy, stable state.


I know I am blessed and lucky.

At least my medicines control

my CRAZY, from time to time…


Nobody’s perfect all the time.

We all have our flaws.

It just sucks that history tends to;

repeat itself in my general direction.

I am caught in the constant cobweb

of being CRAZY.


I run away from home TIME AND TIME AGAIN…

Just like the first time, way back in the summer,

of 1992.

I’m a song stuck on repeat.

A dance number without  a beat.

Filled with sadness & joy, all at once,

a walking contradiction

allowing & swallowing the impossible

courage & fear of being

plain old ME.IMG_20130330_093314 IMG_20130330_093436 Self-portrait photo may 2013Falling to pieces by EHCato 1999Picture 113 copy


Artist Talk Registration ends soon!!

I’m hosting an Artist Talk & Artist workshop at The Art Experience in Pontiac MI on Tuesday June 25,2013. The event will take place between 6:00pm-8:00pm. They are asking that people interested please register in advance by June 18, 2013- go to:   to register.

The topic will be on “Recovery in Mental Health through the use of Art-making.” I will give a presentation based on my own personal account of living with bipolar disorder/manic-depression for over two decades. And how this has impacted my Artwork and ultimately led me onto a path of becoming an Art therapist. Then there will be a short Q and A followed by an Art Demo of two different watercolor resist techniques. Lastly the participants will be invited to create their own artwork. All supplies are included in ticket cost-of $20 per person.

Please click on the two links above for more info:

You can also visit

Flyer Art Talk no 4 copy Art photos 1.17.13 024 IMG_20121228_161438 IMG_20121228_161333 IMG_20121228_161319 IMG_20121228_161305 an abstract acrylic painting ,music,2012Artist Talk flyer no

frustration mounts & eats my soul away…

Frustration mounts…and eats my soul away.

Devouring me from the inside out.

I will never be able to be normal,

and I don’t know what that’s all about….


I’m just another random head-case,

trapped beneath a system of doubt.

a broken down merry-go-wheel ride,

of social security benefits and random poverty.


I would love if just one of my nameless,

faceless republican family or friends,

would attempt to live high on the horse,

with my government income of barely $6,000.00 per year.


They make such a big deal out of,

that fact that i should be “grateful” for benefits…

Grateful, for what for being even more poor, than everybody else?

I make way less than min. wage


I should have never gone to college anyway.

Or the University, what a joke!

My older sister skipped all the academics,

worked very hard on her way to the top, too.

But she did not play a fool,

as I tend to do.


I wasted 19 years of my life in college or at the university.

I cannot help but be bitter by it.

Now what i owe in student loans, could buy a fancy house,

which i will never afford.


I do not even qualify to get hired at a min. wage job.

My mind today is set on meltdown.

So much frustration,

Ever hear of the so-called – law of attraction?


According to this ever popular theory,

I choose a mental illness

to become my entire life-story.


I choose a life with poverty, crime, being a victim of

both a few violent muggings and a couple of rapes.


Somehow, this was all decided by me.

I say bullshit to that.

I am not flowery or happy today.

Today I am just me, brittle, bruised and feeling

under attack.

Promo video No.2 Top ten reasons you should buy my new book!!!

The top ten reasons you should invest in a copy of my memoirs. I really feel my last video was a bit disappointing-so here is a different approach.
Here I give you my top ten reasons you really should buy my new book!

the devil and daniel johnston

there is a documentary about a musician singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston. He is still alive, and I think recently he may have put out more music with his band-it maybe a new band-i am uncertain. I just wanted to say this is a great documentary about living with a mental illness. Daniel is an accomplished Artist, Musician, and singer-song-writer. He also has bipolar disorder.

It is a good movie to check out the link above tells you more about it, if mental illness even interests you & its fine if it does not.

I was going to try to write a poem about him. but i kinda feel all blanky-blank now.

The Devil & Daniel; by Emily Sturgill

The Devils gotcha by the coat-tails again,

Dan you really better run,

the devils gonnna catcha,

Steal your music-lyrics and all;

and make your head spin.

Dear daniel,

the drawings you have been making,

are fricking amazing- but it won’t stop,

the demons from coming- right out of no-where-

they are everywhere,

I’ve got them too,

much worse than bed-bugs, are thought-flies,

they creep out of your brain,

crawl under your skin-and then what?


Is that when, you begin?

to write music, to draw pictures, does your art

really save your soul?

I’m just wondering because Art and Music, have saved mine.

You and I

are not so different…

Your somebody famous, while I am not, but…

I’ve got demons too.

in the end it all-always works out.

You just gotta have faith,

in something better.