Fools rush pass…


Fools Rush pass-

by Emily Sturgill 2/10/14

Fools gold

sparkles as the sunlit

window curtains bend,sway and crack-

leaving a frosted glimpse

of a patch of light

so strong and bright

reminding me of


commonly called:

Fools Gold.

It seems to be fitting,

as it is cold bare winter, bone-chilling

yet the Huge Sun in the Sky

teases us again with bright shiny light-

with no warmth in sight.

I am singing pyrite, pyrite, pyrite!!!

Shameless the Sun as it pours

Fools Gold down on us again.

Ramblings & rantings from a damaged soul

From deep within,

my depths of a damaged soul,

Life’s lessons learned so well,

that they teach me much

but taste of the bitterness of Hell.

From deep within,

my depths of a damaged soul,

my heart grasps for yours,

clenching tightly-

it refuses to let go.

And your heart, has taught me lessons as well.

Not of the bitterness and the awful taste

of Hell- but of something else entirely.

Your heart has taught my heart,

in the coldest,dampest of places

there is warmth, fire-light, and a hearth

of endless possibilities.

Your heart has taught mine,

that is ok, joyful and wise,

to trust someone once in a while.

That Life is full of love. laughter, and Surprises.

To claim you are my soul-mate sounds so cliche,

but you are you know?

There is a truth to it,

that speaks to my bare essence,

to the barest of bones beneath my soul.

Love has saved me, at last.

And for that i will be grateful, and cautious in my joyfulness,

knowing full well that Love cannot only be found,

but lost as well.

I count myself among the lucky and blessed ones,

for I have been deep within, and

from deep within,

my depths of a damaged soul,

there is a seedling and I have let it grow.

Nature’s Envy

Surrealistic poetry written yesterday Sunday 11/10/13

Nature’s Envy-by emily H. Sturgill

Anxious Hornet,

is a Bear-toned, talent,

of a Dali-colored Moon-Rise.


Anxious Hornet,

dancing into a firelit



wrestling with Bears~


bruises to form-

upon the chapped lips,

which surround

my lovely body-into the form,

of Anxiety.


Into the shape of

a hornet’s nest,

repeatedly & randomly

stinging me.


The brutality of Nature:

the curse of Vengeance lies, behind,

the tides


A Dali-colored Moon-rise.

Recovery divided by 3

Recovery divided by 3:

one part is the recovery of the physical self.

recovery of an illness and god knows what else?


Part 2 is recovery of the mentality.

Recovery of what ails and troubles

the mind.


Lastly, Recovery part 3:

is of the soul.

A recovery to balance a lifetime.


To intermingle, the ills of the body, mind, and soul…

Recovery is the word

that sums up, where we go-

from here to eternity.


To incarnate oneself in the present

zen of a moment,

to take in a single breath

and allow oneself to rest.


Recovery is nature’s way.

She heals us from the inside, out.

But only if we allow her,

only if we are receptive.


To receive a world;

comprised of blessings and wellness,

is to become whole.

Recovery is division.

Simple mathematics of  atoms and neurons.


Recovery divided by 3.

The ever elusive equation of energy

which equates us into

small earthquakes of belonging.