Find me shelter…from the storm:

You are lucky to have a man who wants to stick with you, declare his love for you…thats pretty awesome.
He was such an fantastic kisser, i was dying to / get him naked.
On top of all that, at the end of our “date” he played one of my favorite , CDs
And sang to me, like a lullaby.
He has a great singing voice.
In my mind initially~ it was just gonna be a one night stand.
But he was just so awesome, i fell hard for him.
Jo Rohrich

Having 2 little girls also has made me be very very careful who I allow into my life. None of them are married or anything like that but two of them are going thru horrific and painful divorces. When u see it from the guys side sometimes its heartbreaking and 2 sides to every story.
Jo Rohrich

I would have fallen hard for him too!!!!
After only two weeks of dating i even propose marriage to him and i was dead serious.
Jo Rohrich

He sounds wonderful to you. Hahaha 2 weeks …you two were meant to be together.
He thought i was joking but i meant it, every word.
I moved in with him and his parents that summer.
Jo Rohrich

Haha i bet he was surprised!!! Hey darl im just putting my daughters to bed so wont be too long hopefully!!!
Ok. Need more cofffee too brb.
Jo Rohrich

I have a really bad habit of falling asleep with my kids …cant!!! Lol….so please forgive me if i do…..i cuddle them and its like a sedative!!! Lol! Back soon
That’s fine. I was just wrapping up my story. After i moved out of my parents home, my mama she was diagnosed with ALS lou Gerhigs disease. They said she only had two to five years left to live. In reality she died within just a few months.
I told her just before she lost her ability to speak that i was “engaged” to Dean. And that he was definitely the man i would marry.
She most likely a assumed, i was just being bipolar crazy but i was not i was being honest with her.
And turned out? Four yrs ago, well almost four yrs ago I did marry him!! After three marriage proposals. First i proposed to him in 2000 but he didn’t believe me. Then in 2002 he proposed to me. But it 2003 I got pregnant and was off my meds. That was my longest mania ever and i miscarried too. Then in 2010, he fell off of our back porch steps, he caught his fall by sticking out his right arm. It fractured into pieces. He required emergency surgery, two metal pins and a steel plate.
So i did what good gf do. I took care of him.
Then his mom had to have a neck biospy to rule out cancer.
Well, before her surgery she wigged out so badly she had like three heart attacks in a row.
So i needed to help take care of her too.
On 4th of july that same summer he proposed a second time.
So by the time we married we already had lived together for 11 yrs.
The end.
This last photo is my best gf Karen and her daughter-Emily! Emily was named after me.I guess that kind of makes me like an Aunt or something…?
But most of the time, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Not only did i find my soulmate-but even after almost 15 yrs? I still feel very much “in love” rather than just “love” him. We do not have all those strange sad issues other couples seem to have. We are still hot and heavy in the bedroom. We still like one another-he is my best friend too-my male bast friend at least-I still need and love my Karen.
Tuesday 4:59pm
Hulks lullaby ode to divorce.written and sung by E.H.Cato
7 hours ago
Sarah Kelly

I really thought that was beautiful Emily.
5 hours ago
Em Latham

Just lovely xx mwah xxx sorry if i am not about today emily, busy cleaning inlaws visiting us from england xx mwah xx hope u are ok xx lots love
Thanks ladies,
It’s so frustrating these lies we tell ourselves.
My “marriage is perfect” “ideal”
My marriage is “stable” .
He would never hurt me.
He woiuld never hitme again.
He says he’s so sorry.
How can i call the police?
He’s my very own best friend.
He just loses just loses his temperagain.
He says,”you better not be writing that SHIT ON FACEBOOKagain about me.”
That’s nobody’s bizness
That’ s private and personal.
Well love. Look i told nobody who YOU KNOW…just my fb friends.
Don’t be telling me lies on the
Internet again honey
That’s me though laughing at him.
He’s ashamed now and bashful.
I never called them lies he said.
Its just too goddamn personal
And nobody else’s bizness but ours.
Chat Conversation End

Seen by Jo, Em