FREE E-Books to download starting tomorrow 4 poetry & artist chapbooks and 1 personal memoir!

Upcoming Free Kindle ebook Downloads*****Starts tomorrow!!
Four of my Artist & Poetry chapbooks will be free to download as Kindle ebooks:

1-“Do not cry me a River of Crocodile Tears.”(2013)
2-“In Exile from Maxwell park:poems” (2014)
3-“Butterfly rimmed eyeglasses and the trouble with Tuesdays.”(2013)
4-“Red Bones.”(2014) be free to download. These titles will be free from 12/27/14-12/31/14.To download any of these titles please visit my‘s Author    OR

In addition, my personal memoir about living with bipolar disorder,
5-“Memoirs recalled Madness: a personal account of living with manic-depressive disorder.” (2013) will also be free to download from 12-27-14 through 12/31/14.
To download #1 go HERE:
To download My Memoirs on living with Bipolar Disorder/Manic Depression please go HERE:
Keep checking my blog for Kindle deals, I have more deals starting on Dec 28-Jan 21, 2015.
Happy Holidays!!! If you have never read any of my ebooks but do enjoy this blog, the poetry in the books is very similar and I also add my own original artwork as well. You may enjoy them but it’s worth a look. They will be free so you can always delete later, if you decide you hate it or its not your cup of tea. Reviews are highly welcome-both positive or negative I enjoy feedback of any kind because it allows me to become more in tune with what readers like and what they do not care for.Thank you.-Emilywpid-cam01434.jpg Snapshot_20141223_3 Snapshot_20141223_4

Yesterday’s Flowers and Other things. Poetry and Art by Emily Sturgill

A brief poetry reading from my most recent book.
If interested in buying it please visit:
It is $5.99 on kindle and $14.99 as a paperback.

2 possible (new) ideas for e-books

My husband and I have been chatting since i started the kindle direct publishing, self-publishing, back in Jan. He feels I should put together a book that is all and only artwork.

Is this of interest to anybody? Do you want to see more art? Would you buy a kindle e-book or paperback of only my artwork? You’ve seen samples of my art in my poetry/artist chapbooks? Thoughts comments???


The second idea is putting out a book on art therapy ideas/projects. We call them art therapy experientials. I have many that I came up with and used during my two primary art therapy internships, but originally i did four internships-the other two, one was with VSA of Michigan-they teach art skills to disabled youth and teens. I did enjoy that site very much, the people were nice. I just had little interest in teaching kids technical skills relating to graphic art and design. First of all, I’m bad at that type of very structured “tight” artwork-things like perspective drawing and still-life drawings. Secondly, they already had a hired professional graphic artist and teacher there on site. Last, I prefer actual art therapy. This was not about creativity or self-expression-it was about the technical side of drawing. The other site, was a soup kitchen I was mistakenly sent to for only one session!! There was some mis-communication.They already had enough AT interns-they thought I was there as a Grad Student Researcher-opps! There was a fifth site but it too only lasted one day. The person in charge was very high strung, very high drama, and as somebody with a mental illnes, I require some structure-which her program was sadly lacking.


Obviously, a book of art therapy project ideas will probably only interest art therapists….unless there are artists out there willing to read such a book as a self-help, tool. Would anybody be interested in books like these? Please leave comments, feedback here for me, i almost always post such comments thank you.

Promo video No.2 Top ten reasons you should buy my new book!!!

The top ten reasons you should invest in a copy of my memoirs. I really feel my last video was a bit disappointing-so here is a different approach.
Here I give you my top ten reasons you really should buy my new book!

Free Promo on Kindle

Starting today you can download the kindle copy of the book I recently published called,” Butterfly-Rimmed Eyeglasses and the Trouble with Tuesday.” by (me) Emily Sturgill. It contains poetry,prose, artwork and one or two short stories.


Here is a link:

click on the link then click on buy kindle version, it should show up at 0.00$, and if you like it, would you consider reviewing it for me on I think you can review it on my Authors page which is

Now available:for sale

back-cover memoirs 2 copyWire Sculpture Memoirs Book Cover1

Memoirs Recalled Madness.: a personal account of manic-depressive illness
Authored by Emily H Sturgill

List Price: $15.99
8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Full Color on White paper
88 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1483955384 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1483955389
BISAC: Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs
This is a personal memoir and one woman’s account of living with Mental Illness. The nature of the memories are as real as she can recount, however the Author chose to change the names of everyone in the story except her own. They are all based on real persons-but she wishes to maintain privacy.
CreateSpace eStore:

****Also available on kindle for just $9.99

this is the kindle link:


I just checked my email and the tracking link from createspace-my latest chapbook, the paperback version is coming to me in the mail today. I have all of my paperbacks so far-except this most recent one. That way I can sell what I am selling and if it is worth merit or not…also authors get a discounted rate-sorry guys-….

Anyways, very excited to see how my newest collection, “Lavender Suprise: Artwork and Poems.” Turned out…
Like all of my other paperbacks it is the 8.5 x 11 size. It just seems to work out better with my manuscripts and colored artwork.

You can find out more about my chapbooks of art and poetry by visiting my Authors website:

You can also visit my Author’s page at :

****If you visit the first link, my author website, please click on the tabs/links at the top for more info-they say:
“home” “books” “more books” and “news” the news link talks about upcoming free promotions I had scheduled through kindle.

Automatic writing

have you ever written something automatic,

where your brain, has jumped the airplane,

and you’ve lost your co-pilot. And the passengers are all screaming, bloody hell, because obviously, no-one is there to fly the plane, or in this case plan the paragraph/All your left with are dangling oxygen masks/ and screaming sentences,/running amok all over the damn page/ like random automatic/ auto-erotic/pieces of torn pages/of science fiction,/seldom read/very moldy pages peeled back/ to save that page from ten or twenty years ago/when you swore that you would finish/ reading “I robot”./never giving it a second or even a third thought/as the brain rot settles in/why is the point?/ and on and on you go/ onto the tilt-a-whirl/throwing up/commas and periods/blankly/vacant/a writer/sometimes-seldom/writing on automatic/without a parachute/without a game plan/with a topic sentence/making english teachers everwhere/very very very /much un-ease/in a flow of random/ stuff that leaves a / awful taste in the back of your thought/like heartburn over/too much or/ too little coffee/automatic/writing/like speeding down/an expressway/when you haven’t got/any brakes./help.