FREE E-Books to download starting tomorrow 4 poetry & artist chapbooks and 1 personal memoir!

Upcoming Free Kindle ebook Downloads*****Starts tomorrow!!
Four of my Artist & Poetry chapbooks will be free to download as Kindle ebooks:

1-“Do not cry me a River of Crocodile Tears.”(2013)
2-“In Exile from Maxwell park:poems” (2014)
3-“Butterfly rimmed eyeglasses and the trouble with Tuesdays.”(2013)
4-“Red Bones.”(2014) be free to download. These titles will be free from 12/27/14-12/31/14.To download any of these titles please visit my‘s Author    OR

In addition, my personal memoir about living with bipolar disorder,
5-“Memoirs recalled Madness: a personal account of living with manic-depressive disorder.” (2013) will also be free to download from 12-27-14 through 12/31/14.
To download #1 go HERE:
To download My Memoirs on living with Bipolar Disorder/Manic Depression please go HERE:
Keep checking my blog for Kindle deals, I have more deals starting on Dec 28-Jan 21, 2015.
Happy Holidays!!! If you have never read any of my ebooks but do enjoy this blog, the poetry in the books is very similar and I also add my own original artwork as well. You may enjoy them but it’s worth a look. They will be free so you can always delete later, if you decide you hate it or its not your cup of tea. Reviews are highly welcome-both positive or negative I enjoy feedback of any kind because it allows me to become more in tune with what readers like and what they do not care for.Thank you.-Emilywpid-cam01434.jpg Snapshot_20141223_3 Snapshot_20141223_4

A poetry Reading from,”In Exile From Maxwell park.” By Emily Sturgill(2014)

This is a reading from my 2nd to last latest poetry and artist chapbook which is called,”In exile from Maxwell Park: poems.” by Emily Sturgill (2014)

To buy this book on kindle please visit this link here:

The kindle version is only $2.99

To buy a paperback version please go here: this is the Createspace Store.

List Price: $13.69
8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Full Color on White paper
46 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1500285661 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1500285668
BISAC: Poetry / Women Authors

A smashing sampling of poetry gleaned from both my journals and personal blogs. This collection contains small dashings of photography and artwork all designed by me. This is a smaller collection than some prior works.



Free Promotional Downloads: Two poetry & artist chapbooks by Emily Sturgill For FREE

Hi. Again. I also have two of my artist & poetry chapbooks for FREE to download off of the kindle right now. They are for free from today Nov 1st-Nov 5th, 2014.

The first was published Feb 27, 2013 and is called,”Butterfly rimmed Eyeglasses and the Trouble with Tuesday.”

Here is a brief description:

Book Description

February 27, 2013
This is roughly 45 pages long, and it is a combination of poetry,prose, fiction and original artwork. Some of the themes, are emotions, personal feelings, nature, art,and imagery. The Author’s writing style, in peculiar to her, semi-stream of consciousness, semi-free-verse, and an open invitation to her strange world.
This is her 6th work. She has a B.F.A. in fine arts painting and a M.Ed in Art Education and art therapy.
To download your FREE copy go HERE:
The second book is called,”Words Whirl.” and was published in August 2013.
Here is a brief description:

Book Description

August 19, 2013
This is a poetry and artist chapbook roughly 40 some pages long. There are poems intertwined with artwork, photographs and drawings made by the Artist/Poet. Topics range from writers block, to chronic pain, to some politic issues-there is a poem in favor of Same Sex marriage and also some poems on art -the world of the subconscious and surreal.This is Emily Sturgill’s 12th book on kindle this year.
To download Go HERE please:
For both books or any of my other books, you can always use the peek inside this book feature to see if you would be interested. Also I am lucky to have some reviews on many of my books, so you can also check those out first if you wish.If you do decide to download please feel free to leave my a review when you are done reading. You can post a review on or also on My Author’s page on Amazon is:
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If you like my blog, you might enjoy my other poetry and artworks too! Thank you my loyal readers!!!-Emily

Looking for reviews, comments and feedback?

About my poetry and artwork chapbooks, I work very hard to make sure that the material on my blog-poems, pictures, ect. is different from my published materials. There are exceptions, when several of you, my dear readers “like” a certain poem or two, I sometimes include those into my artist and poetry chapbooks-but I try to let you know of that fact. 99.5 % of what I publish is new to you.

I do that by maintaining this blog, but also keeping a private journal. Some of the journal poems got posted here-but not most and not all. And when they do I try not to include them in my books because I do not want you to feel cheated in any way.

Also, I could really use your help. If any of you have taken advantage of my free promo periods AND actually read any of my books, on the kindle or as a purchased paperback, I desperately need more reviews. Even if you bought a kindle book. Either way, even if it was a free download, will allow you to review it. I’m trying to get as many reviews as I can, because I feel this may boost actual book sales in my favor. You should get a email from asking you if you want to review one of my books if you downloaded it/ or bought it. If not please visit my Authors page: you should be able to simply click any of my books you have bought/ or downloaded and rate it on a 5 star scale. Then just write your thoughts a simple paragraph will do. I want honest reviews, I prefer positive reviews, but if you have a negative response that’s ok too. I’m just starting out as a self-published artist/author/poet. I know I have much to learn. I cannot even afford an editor. I do it all myself.

Eventually, I would like to attempt a book of fiction/short-stories. Right now, my concentration, is not the greatest. So I stick mostly to poems, if i feel brave i may attempt some prose.

I also encourage and highly welcome feedback on my blog. If you send me a comment there is a high likely-hood I will post it.

Thank you for reading my blog. I’m glad so many have subscribed so far-it’s almost a village-135 people so far. It means alot to me that you read my dribble-drabble-thought-puddles-of-poetry.


Free Promo on Kindle

Starting today you can download the kindle copy of the book I recently published called,” Butterfly-Rimmed Eyeglasses and the Trouble with Tuesday.” by (me) Emily Sturgill. It contains poetry,prose, artwork and one or two short stories.


Here is a link:

click on the link then click on buy kindle version, it should show up at 0.00$, and if you like it, would you consider reviewing it for me on I think you can review it on my Authors page which is