Earth Day Kick off event-

Today I attended a Earth day kick-off event at an Open Art Therapy Studio about a 30 min drive away.

We painted with Moss. It was definitely something I never tried before. I got to see some of my old art therapy friends from school. One, of them asked about my books I’ve been selling. (just in case something like that happened, I had a copy of ALL my books except the one published two days ago.) I showed my friend. And we were talking about my bipolar disorder. A great deal of her younger clients have been diagnosed with bipolar. She had read a good book I had mentioned to her called “Half-way House.” I shyly mentioned that I too, had just written a memoir -personal account of living with bipolar-I had a copy with me, and she was totally digging it, so I offered to sell it to her right on the spot. That worked out awesome for us both-she did not have to wait until it arrived in the mail- and I got a bigger amount as an author.

I don’t know, it was a pretty good day I guess. I have been trying to get this art studio to offer me a job, for several months now. Since, they were in the middle of a workshop they really did not want to talk about that today. That sorta bummed me out. But as my one friend talked to me about my illness, my other friend who already works at the studio, asked if i would mind talking about it to their clients? I was actually initially attempting to “downplay” that issue. (which is hard because it is a huge part of what makes me, ME.)

By the end, I was feeling hungry, frustrated and a bit depressed. When I was saying goodbye to the owner, I casually mentioned my “disability”-she asked about it-so what the hell? I just told her.This seemed a smart move, because she expressed more interest in me after that, she said she knew a lot of people in recovery as adults were SMI-(seriously mentally ill)

but not too many who were Art Therapists too! So maybe, things will turn around. I am ever so hopeful. Because, in the end that is all we have to hang onto-our hopes and our dreams-without those? You are so lost….they are like a magical compass-your hopes and dreams tell you which direction to go.Earth day drawing1earth day drawing 1


Artistically Inclined

Ours, is a Detroit career,
Pounding Picasso’s Blessings.

A pathway
joy leads to cubist
grapes, apples and oranges
a fantastic dream.

A Huge Fate.
Poems police us,
like a shiny hooker

Walking down eight mile.
Such politics do not concern.
Yet, my poetry pimps me
out to the highest bidder.

Ours is a Detroit Career
Pounding picasso’s blessings
a pathway to joy
is a walk through the D.I.A.

words haunt me.
images too.
the ghost of tomorrow
has never crossed paths

with my ghost of yesterday.
Making a living, out of pure thin air,
like a magican, removes a curtain
and nothing is there.

Trying to sell creativity,
door to door, is way worse
then vacumn salesman of the past,
how do you sell a artists dream

a vision, a painting, a story or
an idea? How do you make a living off
of poetry? Or painting? Or as a creative arts therapist?
In my town, you cannot, apparently.

No, matter how much noise you make.
No, matter how much you scream and shout.
The struggle is an ancient one.
The tribe of the starving artist.

But, when’ it is all that you have,
when’s thats all you got,
i ask you what then?

Ours is a Detroit Career,
pounding picasso’s blessings
a pathway to the fantastic
cubist dream, as a child reaches out,
for a single red crayon.

And in all truth that is where this
story probably began…