Crash &Bash:

Crash & Bash-


I feel as though

I have been letting some

loyal readers down~

i haven’t written much

poetry on my blog

since i left town.

we had an awesome vacation,CAM01704 CAM01702 CAM01701

but now i’m back

hoping dearly nobody has given

up on me entirely.

Life got kinda busy.

The hustle, bustle, besides collecting

poetry for an upcoming


The hustle. bustle, the crash & bash.

The empty time, while I was away,

with nothing to say,

i just was not online.

Life got kinda busy,

The hustle, bustle, the crash & bash,

a stolen vacation,

leaving my blog a bit empty

lonesome but please please

do not forget me & do

forgive all the empty

i left here instead.

it’s just been kinda busy,

the hustle, the bustle, the bash & the crash,

inside my head.



I apologize if you have already seen my poetry videos or do not wish to see them. I have gotten a lot of new readers since i posted them the last time around.

If they interest you, fine, that’s really awesome/great, but if they do not-i’m sorry. I mean no offense, just trying to get the word out. Most of the poems in my chapbooks are different from the ones posted here-a couple are the same. My little books run roughly 30 odd pages, my third one is a bit more maybe 41 pages. This whole experience is new to me. I’m attempting to just got my foot in the door, i really do not see a huge demand for poetry of crazy ladies and bizarre art. But these are the things i am good at doing. If you have downloaded any of my books please leave comments on my Authors page, so I know what I am doing right or what I am doing very bad at. So far only have one review. Thanks for that whoever you are. My Authors page is You can also leave feedback on my poems here as well. I welcome feedback even if its not always nice-it does not have to be nice-just let me know what you as my reader feel, think or got out of things in general.

Because of my illness, of bipolar disorder, which i have had over half of my life-i can be a bit self-absorbed/ self-centered. And no, not all persons with this illness are in any way shape or form necessarily self-centered. I think my problems stems from an overabundance of talk-therapy- which encourages more of a monologue than an interaction. It’s not that I am a horribly bad person-i just get caught up inside my head a lot.Every once in a while i need somebody to come along and yell, “Shut the hell up!!” “Enough about you, already.” My husband is good at reminding me of that when i cross the line into too much emily .Feel free to chastise me if necessary. I am only partly writing for me, part of me wants to write something that is useful or necessary to somebody else.