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As some of you may or may have not noticed besides writing on this blog, I also self-publish my own books using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. At last count, I have published 22 of them since Jan 2013.

Well, book No.21 is available as a FREE paperback Good giveaway item.

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BookCoverPreview Short StoriesApril2015kindle cover Mandala Short Story bookThe paperback cover is on the left. The paperback is 54 pages and 6 x9 white pages with colored images. The kindle version is shown on the right. On kindle it costs just $4.73 HERE is the kindle link:

The paperback is $15.99.

HERE is the Book’s description off of

A short collection of Short Stories, poetry, and artwork. It is a chapbook of Modern surreal fiction this first of its kind by this Author, Artist and Poetess. Emily Sturgill has a BFA in Fine Arts Painting and a Masters of Education in Art Education and Art Therapy.She runs a blog on called,”Sex in the kitchen Sex.” Since 2013 this is her 21 Self-published work. Her other books are listed on her Authors page. Mostly known as artist and poet this is Emily’s first attempts at short stories. Tread lightly, as she is by no means an expert mostly just a novice with one toe dipped in the water as the streams bubbles past. Scared of course to jump in and swim, terrified not to at least give it the ole-fashioned try.

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Format: Paperback

I have read many of Emily’s books. This book ventures out with some short stories, in addition to the wonderful poetry and beautiful artwork she typically has in her books. I was glad to see her utilizing her creativity and talent for an even broader spectrum of writing. Her writing is always colorful. The characters in her stories come to life through her descriptive words. There are themes of existentialism, love, and the brevity of life.

I loved the cover of the book, as is “Photo of Nightmare Monster”, the photo above There Is Noone Else, “To all the Women I’ve Loved Before”, and “Selfie”. All of the poems have beauty in their own way. My favorite poem in this work is Surface. She creates a personal list of things to be grateful for at the end of the book, which I believe everyone can benefit from creating their own so bravo to the author for reminding us of this and giving us an idea of how to approach it.

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Starting Saturday August 9 through August 13, 2014 two of my poetry and artists chapbooks will be absolutely FREE to download. The first one is my first ever publication which was released in Jan 2013. It is called “Sex and the kitchen sink: poetry and art.” by Emily Sturgill, (2013) Here is a link:

The other Freebie, is my second E-book of poetry and artwork,it is part of a two part series called “The ravings and Rantings series.” The book is called,”On the Brink letters to the Madness+poems & pictures (Rantings & Ravings Book 1).” Here is a link:

Both books combine poetry and original artwork by me.If you take advantage of any of my free downloads-would you please consider submitting a short review? It only takes a few moments of your time, and it would be so helpful to me as both an artist and a poet! You can also review any e-book you download for FREE on allow and even encourage you to do that. The feedback is also very helpful to encourage new readers to download and perhaps even buy? some of my poetry and artists chapbooks. You may submit reviews by going back to the links above after you have downloaded any of my e-books. You may also submit reviews on my Author page at It is Thank you for reading this! I hope if you download any of my work that you do enjoy it. Thank you!!

By the way my other book, “Art!Art!Art! Before words.” by Emily Sturgill is still FREE until August 10th. Here is a link:

That one is primarily an Artist Chapbook. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Have a great and groovy day!

Mythology seen through metaphor: word salad 1.5 -Ongoing Free Ebook promo

Click on the link above to get a free copy of my poetry and artist chapbook, “Mythology seen through metaphor:word salad 1.5.” by Emily Sturgill, 2013.

word salad cover copy   It will be on free kindle download through September 4th, 2013.

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updates on “Memoirs recalled Madness” by Emily Sturgill, 2013

After, I thought I was really finished-I changed my mind. I decided that there was a bit more story to tell. So it went from being 73 pages to now becoming 88 pages. Still not very long as far as this type of genre goes…but it is very hard to writing a personal story when some of your memories have been blacked out from tramatic issues or simply manic episode issues.

“Madness recalled memoirs: a personal acconut of living with manic-depressive illness.” is now available again on kindle, with my revisions. The paperback we are still working on-it think it maybe available this weekend Friday or Saturday. This is because normally, I just take advantage of free self-publishing options. The pperbacks through are made on demand, which i really nice because it does not cost a fortune to do this.

Yet, they offer a tempting on notch up-option- of expanded distrubution, for a one time fee-(i hope)of $25 per book. Normally, I do not even have $25 which says alot of not so awesome things about me-but basically-I am a struggling author/artist/poet.

My husband is willing to front me the money after he gets paid and thats not untill tomorrow-so we shall see. Like I said with my other books, I never chose this option before.

My other books by the way are mostly a blend of fiction, free-verse, poetry and some of my artworks. There are 7 total so far, just this year. 2013.

This 8th book, is more like a narrative. I tried to do the best writing I could do. It was very difficult to stay track on one topic without getting lost off to the left of right of my original topic and lost in the bushes. I did try. I am pretty much stable these days. but i was not always, and I thought it was important to tell that side of it too. It is all about my battle with bipolar. It goes through childhood to diagnosis, all the way up to my life now.

I was hoping to write a book that could try to explain living with a mental illness to those who do not have one but comfort those who do. Prices previously quoted will remain the same-I believe-$9.99 on kindle and $15.99 as a paperback.

I went back into my book and added a few personal photos-mostly of dead persons-because they do not get mad much. I was raised in a semi-abusive environment-with both parents having mental illnesses. As well, as having alcoholism in my family tree all over the place. I learned early on-that everything going on at home, was “private” or “secret.” which is pehaps the reason i feel guilty even telling the story at all. Also perhaps way, I changed everybodys name to something fake except my own-even my hubsands name-even though he may have not minded-all names were invented into some sort of fakery. I do use my own name. That one is real.

I even decided to omit names of places, cities, or towns….my thoughts were a story like mine could happen anywhere in the usa and i wanted readers to be able to relate to that concept.

Preview of new chapbook now available, “Lavender Surprise: poems and art”

This is a short-under five min-video introducing my newest chapbook,”Lavender Surprise: poems and art.” by Emily Sturgill (2013) I read 2 new poems, from my book but are not on my blog, and share a piece of artwork, a watercolor collage that is featured in the book. If you are interested in this book or any of the other chapbooks they are all available off my Authors page:

P.s. BTW: I apologize if I sound a bit like daffy duck, I am wearing my partials in the video and I do not wear them often enough, so they kinda make me talk funny….;(

Any feedback on any of my poetry or art or blog is always very welcome. I do not get enough info, I feel from my readers. Sometimes I get a lot of “likes” which makes my heart flutter, but that doesn’t tell or inform me on why or what it was about it that you liked it. I just think feedback would be a wonderful way to improve my writing, technique, style or voice….It is just helpful, if any of you would like to do that, it would be very cool.

Update new chapbook Lavender Surprise:

Lavender Surprise is now available as a paperback here:   It will also be available from probably in a few days and will appear on my Authors page.
My Authors page is:

The paperback is 38 pages, 8.5 x 11, features both poetry and artwork. It costs $9.99.

Lavender Surprise is also available on the kindle, for $5.99.

here is a link:

The only difference between the two are slightly different book covers. The content is the same in either version.


New Promo starts 3/2/13

New Promo starts 3/2/13

New free, promo on my 4th e-book starts march 2-3.
The book is called,”Mythology seen through Metaphor:word salad 1.5″ by Emily Sturgill
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New e-book free promo


This promo started last night at midnight, i meant to say something yesterday but forgot. “Dreamcatcher and other poems.” is more of the most recent poems. Most of which have never been shared on this blog. Also it also features artwork, like my other chapbooks. It is my newest collection and you can download it for free until tomorrow night at 11:59 pm.

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Sex in the kitchen sink: poetry and art

A poetry reading from my first e-book, now also a paperback, “sex in the kitchen sink:poems and art.” by Emily Sturgill 2013.
Right now I also has 2 promotions going on. The first is the second vol of “On the brink letters to the madness+poems & pictures.” is free to download on the kindle until 1/28/13 at 11:59 pm The second promo starts tonight at midnight, where my latest e-book Mythology seen through metaphor:word salad 1.5″ will also be available as a free e-book download. That runs until 1/29/13 at 11:59 am.