Kindle-countdown deals for November 5-12th, 2014 Marked down to only 99 cents!

Two of my artist & poetry chapbooks are currently marked down to only 99 cents from 11/05/14-11/12/14.

Those books are: “Lavender Surprise.” and “Do not cry me a river of crocodile Tears.”

For a look at Lavender Surprise (2013) by Emily Sturgill please follow this link HERE:

For a peek at “Do not cry me a river of crocodile tears.” Follow this link HERE:

Both of these ebooks will be reduced to just 99 cents the entire countdown time! All I ask is if you do buy one or both, could you please consider leaving me a review on my Author’s page at It’s “”

Thank you for reading this!

Sale Starts Tomorrow: “Sex and the kitchen sink: Poems & Artwork.”

cover art 1 copy


This is my very first self-published e-book of poetry & art. It was published in Jan 2013. Starting tomorrow it will be a kindle countdown deal and be only just 99 cents to buy. I think I may have arranged to keep it at 99 cents the entire kindle countdown-but I cannot guarantee because I actually do not recall.

Anyways if you follow this link tomorrow it should be reduced to 99 cents:

Ok. Everybody get off the computer and go enjoy the rest of your Sunday Evening! Peace Out!!!-Sincerely, Emily