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Well I just started this blog back in Nov 2012. I first began self-publishing poetry and artist chapbooks in Jan 2013. Since then I have written nine more books-for a total of ten. Eight of my book are poetry and Artist chapbooks. One is a personal memoir, on battling mental illness most of my life and my latest book focuses mostly on just my artwork-only a small sample.

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Up until this point, I have only had 3 different readers write reviews of my books and all were blessed for me, very very positive.

Today however I got my first negative review. It was on my memoirs which are still currently free to download if this has any interest to you. It can be directly downloaded here:

This is day 3 of my 5 day promo. The negative review was very harsh, even though as an Artist, and a person with a B.F.A-I have a semi-thick skin-all those artist critiques….ahhh…gotta be professional and maintain distance to your work. I also recently, about a year ago received a Masters of Education Degree, with a Major in Art ed and a concentration in Art Therapy. Grad school is no-cake-walk. Writing a Masters Level thesis is not easy. So I think I write pretty decent or why else would i be bothering to write at all??

To write this blog, to write 10 books in 4 months…Her review cited many grammar errors, and she claimed she could not read past the first ten pages due to said errors, and obviously I need a professional editor…she called my memoirs a “train-wreck.”

I do not know the motives of this person, but I am currently permanently disabled due to a serious mental illness and sustain myself on a mere 525$ per month. I have no money for a professional editor. I would rather be judged on the content of my story then punctuation-if my writing was a “train-wreck.” then they would have never allowed me to graduate from a University’s Master’s Program. I have had 151 free downloads in 3 days-how horrid could my writing possibly be?

I do encourage reader reviews very much, even if they are bad because that motivates me to improve my writing skills and techniques.

But I am feeling so defensive, upset and broken-hearted I cannot see straight, I’m sure by tomorrow I will re-evaluate, that nobody including myself is perfect and besides that is merely one person’s point of view. 4 reviews-3 were great but one was devastating.

I am hoping that maybe some of you downloaded it and will read it and decided to write a different sort of review. Perhaps my story will touch your heart or touch you someplace deep inside, where you could relate?

But to negate, an entire 83 page book, based on some comma errors, or misplaced hyphens in the first ten pages seems ridiculous to me. I’m embarrassed, shamed and very angry too. She bought the paperback version-apparently. So she spent $15.99 +shipping and handling + taxes-and she cannot bear to read past the first ten pages-not because my story sucks-but because you do not like where I placed my commas?? Really? If I buy a book, then I’m gonna read it-eventually no matter what-and I do not write reviews of things I downloaded or purchased from Amazon if I did not even read the whole thing…WTH?

Maybe I’m just uber-bipolar-crazy-sensitive  but this is the review she gave me -what do you guys think-is this a helpful review??

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2.0 out of 5 stars Atrocious Grammar! May 19, 2013
By Ashley
This story itself seems okay–considering the fact that I didn’t finish the book–but after reading the first ten pages and finding dozens of grammatical, punctuational, and even typographical errors, I simply cannot continue to read this English language train wreck. It is painfully clear that nobody edited this book. I don’t consider myself to be an expert in the field of grammar and punctuation, but when I cannot concentrate on a plot due to the multitude of errors, then there is a problem. Em dashes, semicolons, and commas are all incorrectly used, just to name a few glaring examples. Please consider this my appeal to the author to have corrections made, then re-release your book.

About “Art before words”-free promo today!!!


If any of you downloaded my earlier version of Art before words, when it was free-around may 10-11th, 2013 and found that it did not meet your expectations, I am so sorry.However, I did make several revisions since then and now it seems to flow better.

In order to get this latest updated version for free today, please follow these steps. Log onto account. Click on the right hand side where you find the words “Manage my Kindle.” Then select my book, “Art before words” and right click on the actions tab. There should be an option of delete this from library. I think if you make sure your kindle is on when you do that then this next step maybe unnecessary. Go to your kindle device and click on the three dots in the upper right corner, where you would click for sync and update new items. Instead of update- click on the remove option. Then it will show you a list-highlight Art before words-then click remove. It will tell you you will have to repurchase it to read it again-go ahead and delete. Then you can go to and re-download for free the revised copy, which is dated May 15, 2013. This is a link:

If that is too much hassle. I totally understand. is going to be reviewing my newer content over the next 4 weeks or so. If they deem my changes to be significant and you downloaded the earlier version, then they might contact you on updating. Unfortunately, if you did already download it earlier, I do not think that they will let you download it again-unless you delete from library or wait to see what they decide regarding my changes.

If you have yet to download it-why not give it a try? If you do not own a kindle, a tablet, a IPAD. an IPHONE, or android reading device-you can always download for free, a kindle app for your PC. Just google the phrase,”Kindle App Free for PC ” there should be an link that is free and legit to download the kindle app. I believe that there maybe one for the Mac as well, but am uncertain? I own a plain old PC-(personal computer). This is mostly just an Artist picture book of artwork I have done mostly in the late 1990’s- 2006. I did throw in a couple of things from 2012-13. Not much. Art Before Words is Volume One of a 2 part series, called “Art, Art, Art!!! Before Words.” Volume 2 will eventually cover art from 2006-2013. I’m not too sure when that will be coming out but I will let everybody know.

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