T.D.S I- 1/8/2020

Only 2 hours of sleep,
last night. I’ve been in so much
fucked up infertility.

my husband is so deeply
worried for me.
why though?
but when NoT though?

black coffee.
bred for bread,

3 voices are inside
my head.

Almost a Brotherhood
of Choas magick and
various other bullshit—

they are ALL One
which is the sun
it is a fact
they are composed of much dust,

all of which
Agony exsists,

of maddness/murder/suidies,/

facist pigs/racist cops

Y’all go away.

no weddings.
no church.
no Goddess Mo Mother earth nature lover!!
all this bullshit
are the “monothiestic society.”

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