ESP dreams-*****

ESP dreams————————————————————————————————————-



in a flash

he will be gone. like a flash in a pan. like a mistake. like somebody waking up much too late…too little too late.

it would be great. except it is not. death is never easy.

oh my god. i cannot correlate a dying mans last wish. anymore than a dying mans last kiss—————————————-

—————————————————i love you—————————————————————————-i love him——————————————————what do i do?————————————how can i make this dream less true??/——————————————————————————————–how will it come to pass?——————————————-will love last????/

—————————-im not ready for any goodbyes——————————death is eaiser————————except when its not.

right now——————this is never going to be eaiser————————-to lose you—————-me losing you——————

losing sleep……no easy feat——————————no goodbyes————————————

just regrets…….———————————–

——————————————————————————————–emily helen sturgill july 1st 2015——————————


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