Irish bloke

Irish bloke-

just a joker man.

he doesn’t get me nor understands,

im the only emily that really matters.

he is so young, so fresh, so new,

like crisp honeydew.

watery in my mouth,

as i read his words

emails texts adjectives and verbs…

he admits in his country

that they call him a cunt!

i asked why so derogatory?

So he ran a demo

for me. of himself acting like a cunt

to me.

little bastard.

i thought for sure

he was history?!

emails me this morning

seeming so


wanting to talk to me,

wanting to talk to emily

about another


he’s decided to be in love with?!

he thinks i am running scams

he thinks i have a blacklist

of the woman

of all the women on this planet

named emily.

he says my blogs must be faked.

who has the time to write like this?

who is crazy enough to write all the time?

do i have staffers?

am i part of a three ring circus?

Am i just the circus my own self?

yes i think that last one

must be it.

This irish bloke.

he’s a joker man.

he likes me


i can tell

i really can.

for jamie lynch @2015

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