it came to my attention…

It has come to my attention that somehow my blogs and my writings has disturbed a persons life for the worst-thi was never my intention as an artist poet or writer. Therefore I will be deleting this blog today. The books are still for sale on kidle on my authors page:

For more info check back, in case i change my mind. But until then Sex in the kitchen sink is down permanently. I’m leaving some posts up. it is very difficult to delete my site. but i never meant to ever hurt anyone so it needs to be erased. I am sorry for my die hard followers and fans. But i feel badly about all this confusion caused in a total strangers life. He just couldnt differentiate between fiction and reality. Some folks are simply born that way. others have mental illness too or an alcohol and drug addiction to contend with.

I cannot be hold accountable for someone elses unhappiness. please understand.sincerely emily h. sturgill

5 thoughts on “it came to my attention…

  1. Em, I hope you will reconsider taking down your blog! Remember, if people are confused or do not like your posts they do not have to follow your blog. It is their own choice, encourage them to “un-follow” if they take offense at what you write and post! xo

    • I will reconsider. So far everything missing is just placed in WordPress. Coms trash bin. As long as i dont empty that bin i can still restore the blog. Im trying to make a point to an old friend not to lie or mess around with me or my feelings. Im not in the mood for his crap. And its not hubby just a random internet troll.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear this Emily. You have neither said nor done anything inappropriate on your site that I can remember so I wouldn’t take another persons interpretation of it too much to heart. You can’t get into someone else’s mind to know what they are thinking. Anyway, I hope that you stay around as I really enjoy your writing.

    • Thank you for being both a loyal friend and reader Dom. Luckily, i have regained my sense of sanity on this issue and restored any missing drafts.hopefully many others will enjoy this site for many more years to come. Thank you for your support as well Michelle. You both mean more than you realize. cheers!-Em

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