Suckerpunch a girly

Suckerpunched me fast
leaving me completely aghast.
i always warned you.
i tried to tell you.
to never hit me,
to never hit a lady.

you did it out of pure rage
this you claim

in a twisted way
i feel differently.
i think you did it
because you knew secretly how loyal
i was & yet desperately unhappy.

you tricked me
with your fast ex marine corp
boot camp marine
training team

that rolls around quickly
in that messed up head
of reciding hairlines
and many thoughts.

your complicated.
you violated our treaty
you wanted me to leave you
finally gone

like yesterday.

you kne how to hit without
leaving a mark
you knew how exactly how far
you had to go

to rip my ego to pieces
and break my fragile heart.

you needed me to divorce you.
you didn’t have the nerve to divorce
me first.

so you covered up all my love
in tattoos gossip rumors
and edges of sharpen insanity.

well congrats on losing awife.
maybe next time
find a better woman

who can make you
a daddy.
who can make you go from zero
to hero
from one to 60

in less time than
a rooftop of teardrops,
a history of lollipops
a crazy saga of lunacy.

you hit like a girl baby.
you sunkerpunched me
but i lied all over town.

keeping the truth
from clowns
from cops
from family
from friends.

a broken lady gaga romance
its all you ever really wanted,
not a person
as real and honest and as
preciously beautiful as this lost
soul of me.

may 30, 2015 E.h. Sturgill All rights reserved.


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