Fallen grace

Fallout from grace
His fists beat my face.
Damaged only him,
He broke his hand on my
Forehead. Shattered bones
Broken hearted.
Blackened out the sun.
And love was over for us.
It was done.
With his fist
Instead of a gun.
Divorce will come easy.
Now im the black widow
He died the minute he abused
Me again.
I mourned his passing in sorrows
Tears, fasting, forgiveness.
But i will always remember things,
Like love should not
This much.
Destroyed heart,
By a single senseless beatdown.
Fifteen years down the drain.
He pissed it all away
To go have sex with anger
On Mothers day.

Written by E.H.Cato 2015 all rights reserved.


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