a nightmare flew in my window last nite

a nightmare flew into my window
last night.
tooo much vodoo, hyponotic foo foo & say wth do u do/
this nightmare steed
it breathes my air
it runs down
my grass
eating blades of green
ribbion glory
horror story.


a nightmare gallopped pass
my dreams beneath alices
looking glass.

we need a pansy
find `a famous
loooney tunes

oh wait a minute/
somebody quickly
go kidnap jimmy franco./

3. celebrities seperate realities/

dedicated to my friend j’aime lynch

people mostly definitely
are composed entirely of shit-
horse shit or cows shit

but bullshits the best.

putting aside reality
why would another star
yearn for infamey//

& don’t they realize
a star is only a distant planet
seen from raw angles

far distances
upon Earths mighty pinprick.
famous persons
are like all the rest…

composed of b.s and angelsdust.
i do not see the single need
to create an air of attention
around myself

like the whiff
of perfumed
meth & speed.

sometimes i go down slow.
sometimes i fall from the sky
like somebody was trying to push me

into another osirus isis
egyptian calmality

lost souls never
leave home

the are riders on the storm
pushing and kicking down
of fake reality.

may 31 2015 e.h. sturgill all rights reserved.

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