4 thoughts on “Go Fund Me: finding new shelter from the storms

  1. Hi,
    Hi Emily, I was just reading a little about what is going on with you. Can you call Haven in Pontiac (I think). I can get you the number. I don’t think anyone should be mistreated. I would kill him.
    I’m trying to get over a death in the family. My nephew died at age 32 from a pulmonary embolism. I’m just devastated, so right now that’s what is happening with me. Don’t let that mother fucker hurt you, get out!!
    Susan Byrne
    5/27, 10:16pm
    Susan Byrne
    Thinking of you…

    Live Chat with a Crisis Counselor | HAVEN (MI)
    Chat privately online with a trained HAVEN crisis counselor to gain advice, seek help or support, or find resources.
    Emily Sturgill
    5/27, 11:15pm
    Emily Sturgill
    thank you.
    It has been an ongoing struggle-
    even before Dean I did have boyfriends who became violent.
    With Dean its more subtle
    its a form of gaslightining
    from the bette davis movie or whoever famous actress? Gaslight?
    during our 15 yrs together he would have these random angry outbursts towards me.
    it was just so strange and random i could overlook and forgive..
    We got together in 2000.
    by 2002 we were engaged.
    but by that winter my grandma died at age 93 and Deans dad got diagnosed with stomach cancer.
    i thought a baby would bring joy…
    we only tried it once.
    without a condom.
    i got pregnant sometime between nov 02-jan 03.
    nobody’s family was happy though.
    i tried to run away.
    i miscarreied twins on a mental unit in a shower stall i was only 12 weeks.
    when i got out he tried to rent us a home, but i was too “manic” by then.
    because of my bipolar disorder i couldn’t sleep
    Dean tried smashing my face into the mattress screaming sleep to me.
    Scary Stuff. We broke up.
    yed away 10 months but came back.
    The second time might have been after his Dad had died. Dean put his fist near my face through a wall.
    In 2007, he made a joke in poor taste as if he has seriously considered murder suicide for us.
    so i left. i went to turning point for two weeks.
    but then i came back i always do.
    i’ve always been open to forgiveness but i told him i could never be physically assaulted like that or i would just go…disappear.
    He’s trying for us to work stuff out.
    Meanwhile after the stuff he pulled on me on Mothers day…..
    It was the worst day ever in my life.
    Susan Byrne
    5/27, 11:34pm
    Susan Byrne
    I just want you to be safe. It sounds scary and serious. You don’t sound happy.
    Emily Sturgill
    5/27, 11:34pm
    Emily Sturgill
    I got grabbed naked and screaming from a bath tub-for female cramps.
    He hiad hit me in my right eye- a punch that fractures pieces of bone in his own right hand.
    Then he grabbed me by my hair and dragged me kicking .. it was hulimilating outrageous and the end to our marriage
    Seen 11:50pm

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