This Is How We Live And Love

I’ve always felt online dating to be a very bad and even in some cases a dangerous idea. You cannot really get to “know” someone online as in real life. The only thing I disagree with is that not everyone has to start out as friends first while i do agree that is a lovely plan and does work well everybody is different. By happy accident I connected with my current partner by a chance meeting almost 15 yrs ago-I asked him for a ride home from a coffeehouse and we have been romantically linked every since. I admit our love story is highly unusual. I do not suggest that most people jump right into the frying pan-but i must admit it worked for me and I heard stories from older adults of similar love stories. But it is most important to meet in person first and not through any social media.Meet in real life. Take things in time, do not fear taking it too slow nor too fast. Just really get to know one another as a human being instead of an angiogram rhythm-this blog post explains WHY very well.

Thought Catalog

Our generation grew up with the rise of technology, and now in this day and age, we’re so used to everything fast-paced. We’ll get our smartphones from our pockets; hold them all day ‘til dawn. This isn’t how we should be living, or even finding long lasting love. But is there even such a ‘love’ in the hook-up culture that we currently have? Our days now revolve around dating apps, online dating sites, and social media. It’s not your easy guide in finding true love. It never will be, as love can’t be found on Tinder and Grindr.

“A swipe can change your life,” as I’ve seen in one app. Yes, it can – but you shouldn’t rely on it. It’s fun to try those quick and instant dating apps, but is it even worth it? For some, it may seem so, but if you want to build an authentic…

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