8 Clear Signs You And Your Partner Has What It Takes To Last Forever

A good list.

Thought Catalog

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Health. We all think about it, especially as we age. We visit the doctor, we eat right (at least sometimes), we Google our symptoms and then fret when the Internet inevitably tells us we’re dying. We want health so we survive on this planet for as long as possible.

We think about health, but only as it relates to our bodies. Sometimes we forget to think about health in terms of romantic relationships.

Just as physical health prolongs life, the health of a relationship also extends a union. To put it simply, a relationship that is unhealthy won’t last, or, at least, it shouldn’t. Instead, it’ll shrivel up and limp away, two dissolving into one.

But what is a healthy relationship, exactly? How do we know if our relationship is well enough to survive the long haul or so sick that it’s time to consider putting…

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