Say Something, I’m Giving up on You

I feel much empathy for what this author is experienced. I have gotten to the point where I am so frustrated with those in the medical and mental health fields too.

Undiagnosed Warrior

Why is finding a new primary care doctor an impossible task?

I often wonder if it’s just me that has a problem with finding a reliable doctors. Perhaps it’s due to having a chronic illness? But I have no trouble when it comes to finding good specialists (although they take a while to get into) and others living with chronic illness have found great doctors along the way to take over their care. Maybe it’s because I’m “undiagnosed”. Who knows?

The worst part is I’ve experienced some new symptoms (facial flushing, random and quick onset of extreme burning from within my skin, and olfactory hallucinations) and I think I  have an idea of what’s wrong with me. But I have NO ONE to talk with about it. My current PCP blows me off and thinks I’ll never get a diagnosis because I MUST have a rare disease that only me and maybe one…

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