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A Mandala that happened on the way to a car crash & other sto... by Emily H. Sturgill

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Format: Paperback

I have read many of Emily’s books. This book ventures out with some short stories, in addition to the wonderful poetry and beautiful artwork she typically has in her books. I was glad to see her utilizing her creativity and talent for an even broader spectrum of writing. Her writing is always colorful. The characters in her stories come to life through her descriptive words. There are themes of existentialism, love, and the brevity of life.

I loved the cover of the book, as is “Photo of Nightmare Monster”, the photo above There Is Noone Else, “To all the Women I’ve Loved Before”, and “Selfie”. All of the poems have beauty in their own way. My favorite poem in this work is Surface. She creates a personal list of things to be grateful for at the end of the book, which I believe everyone can benefit from creating their own so bravo to the author for reminding us of this and giving us an idea of how to approach it.

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5 thoughts on “Good Reads Giveaway: Enter to Win one of two autographed new paperback collections of short stories

    • I started my blog in Nov 2012. Unexpectedly people began to follow and or like it. My husband urged me to look into self publication, with Amazon’s kindle KDP program. I began publishing my poetry and art chapbooks in Jan 2013. Since then I have self published 22 different titles. Thank you for the compliments and your interest. I loved getting feedback.

      • That is incredible! I’ve been wanting to self-publish, but wasn’t sure about how to go about it with Kindle… perhaps some time you could do a post (maybe you already have?) about how to use Kindle’s KDP program

      • Actually they offer an ebook for free off on Amazon’s kindle site. It is published by amazon and called how to publish on Kindle Direct_?? Self publishing or Kindle Direct Select publishing. Look for it and let me know if you cannot find it perhaps i can post a link?!

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