Endometriosis please stop! Your killing me….

Here is a link that describes this invisible, random and rare illness I have. I have stage 4 the most severe.


Words cannot express:

Words cannot express

Words can tear me down


Words can lift me up

but words can never express-all this pain i feel.

this pain is REAL.

this pain is kinda, sorta, A BIG DEAL.

Words cannot express

the intensity

the depths

of my

chronic pain.

and i feel

as though i am losing

my mind.

I found a doctor

who will prescribe

a new pain medication.

but we cannot get it filled

until after May 19th

my next menes is due on May 17th

it’s going to suck

but somehow

i will make do

somehow i

will pull through.

in the meantime-

all i ask,




please stop

this pain





13 thoughts on “Endometriosis please stop! Your killing me….

  1. My heart goes out to you, Emily. So sorry for the pain you are going through.

    I had severe pains with bleeding for years; my ovulation periods were wrought with excruciating pain. Sex was painful to say the least. I endured all these till after my third child and the doctors determined that what I had fibroid, had to be taken out. And together with the womb or uterus since I wouldn’t have any more children. So about six years ago, I had hysterectomy. And I feel much much better. No more bleeding and very pleasurable sex.

    But of course it means an early menopause for me. 🙂

    • Dear,
      I’m so sorry you went through similar. I’m so glad your surgery helped you. I refuse to have such surgery as my surgeon could not 100% ensure it would “cure” me. Also my hubby and self desperately want children. Also my endo is not limited to my womb so taking it out would only guarantee early menopause~ not a cure. I was told i also have endo in my bowels for example. And the hormones they use to treat early menopause sometimes causes the endometriosis to return. Especially when you have it outside of your uterus. I think i also have it in my lower back, upper thighs and along my sciatica nerve. Even my primary care dr has advised against a hysterectomy, in my case at least. I am almost 41 menopause is not that far off. But thanks for sharing your story with me. Many blessings to you Celestine

  2. Oh gosh that brings back memories, painful ones for me.

    I suffered with endometriosis and the agony, the agony.

    Mine resulted in a full hysterectomy when I was twenty-one years old.

    Luckily I already had a child.

    I feel your pain and you are in my thoughts…x

    • Was that a successful “cure” for you? Nowadays more and more doctors are finally admitting that there is no cure.

      I’ve read far too many horror stories from women who get that drastic surgery and still have the endometriosis. My psychiatrist feels a hysterectomy is a valid “cure” . My primary care dr. Wants me to just wait it out. Menopause could happen at any time now or in the next ten to eleven yrs.

      • It was forty years ago and I wasn’t really given a choice but the pain was dreadful.

        Physically I was fine after but it messed me up mentally completely.

      • Very sorry for you. Yes, many women have been pressured or force into this as a “solution” in reality it does not solve anything except to “sterilize” the female. And in some cases even prolong or intensify her chronic pain problem, in addition to placing her into an unnatural state of instant menopause.

  3. I know this pain all to well. :/ Thinking of you… the surgery worked for me and then i got pregnant a month later, miscarried, then conceived my daughter via iui 4 months later. My endo has not returned yet, at least the pain hasn’t, but i am still breastfeeding which supposedly helps. Even if the surgery only helps for a year, it may be worth considering.

    • Step I would love to be pregnant. we have been ttc since 2006. I got pregnant in 2003 no issue very quick but miscarried twins at 11 weeks. I got pregnant again in Nov 2011 but miscarried at 6 weeks. We are still trying, and i still have faith and hopes and dreams. i worry that this is not enough.

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