The Health Care System!

So different in the UK!! (I envy you Em I always wanted to go visist France I even studied French in high school and at undergraduate college for my BFA.) Je t’aime tous! Bonjour ~je adore tu!!)


There has been a lot of talk about health care lately.  People always condemn the NHS, but from my perspective England is lucky to have that system. The problems though the staff are underpaid and over worked and what are they doing to make the system of things better, cutting staff and costs .

The whole system does need a looking into big time, but so does the whole economic structure of the country, mainly due to the benefit system and immigrants coming into the country. I am no way a racist or anything like that, but it is simple fact and I would do it too if I was in their situation, the NHS health system and the benefit system is alluring for those who have fallen on harder times.

It didn’t really occur to me until moving to France how different things actually were.  I always took the…

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