Marijuana for Endometriosis


I am not your stereotypical pothead. With great success I have been able to develop responsible and trustworthy roles in life as an employee, manager, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, best-friend, girlfriend, confidant, and doting pet owner. Even my credit card company sends me birthday cards. But that doesn’t mean my life is without great pain.

My battle with endometriosis began long before I even knew there was a name for what I had. For too long of a time I just shrugged at the shitty hand I was dealt in life and medicated myself with pain relievers, at my doctor’s advisory – some days overmedicating myself to the point of vomiting, albeit not at my doctor’s advisory. Very few people could truly understand, and because of that I didn’t get many free-passes, let alone much sympathy. I still had to get through school; I still had to go to work…

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