Big Man

Big Man
I’m not through with you.
Your photo is framed underneath
Glass on my nightstand.
Big Man,
You were my husband’s father.
I lived with you for five years.
I knew you. I learned to love you.
But I might have not gotten
To know you well.
Big Man,
I’m not done with you.
I miss you still.
I miss your infectious laughter.
I miss your sharp wit and your southern hillbilly ways.
I miss your stories of
Working in the coal mines.
I miss your tall tall tales
With a glimmer in your eye
And a smile on your lips,
I was far too young and naive
Not to believe you…

Even when your family
Later would tell me you
Were just making things up.

Big Man, I still cannot
Believe that your
Dead and gone
Yet in two days it
Will be nine years since your passing.

I try to remember you
For who you were,
The man who raised
The boy, who became
My husband.

I don’t like to dwell
On the ugly of your death
Or how Cancer
Ripped you away from
Our hearts and hands.

Big Man,
I ain’t through
With you yet.
It makes me sad, so sad,
I don’t want to let
You go.

I treasure the few times
And great memories I still have.
I feel better for knowing you.
I hope your ghost
Hangs out with all of us.

Your widow hangs onto
Her sorrow something
Terrible and awful.
Remembering the way
Cancer stole you away
And witnesses each anniversary
Of your passing even still.

Big Man,
I ain’t done with you yet!
My husband is wise.
He wants to celebrate
Your birthdays to recall
All of your goodness.
I agree entirely that
Is the way to honor somebody.

Big Man, I am just
Not ready to let go
Of you yet.
Your picture, I look at it
Often. So thankful you
Were the man who raised
My loving husband to be
The incredible man he is.

Big Man, I just
Ain’t through with you



2 thoughts on “Big Man

    • I shared it privately with my sister in law in a private fb message within less than five minutes she was reposting it on facebook and tagged me in it! I was embarrassed, but glad she liked it. It is hard to do justice in words for a man who was “larger than life”. So to say. He was no angel either but he was my friend. I miss him so much. He filled our house with so much laughter, love and jokes.

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