New Release: “Don’t watch me bleed: Confessions of an Uterus in pain: Poetry.”by Emily H.Sturgill

I decided to release & combine all my Endometriosis poems into one slim chapbook.

To do so meant I had to delete the majority I had previously posted onto my blog.

I left the two little gems that I wrote yesterday. However the rest of my Endometriosis Pain poetry can be found in this new book.

Here is a link on kindle:

And here is a link to the paperbook version via the Store:

&%^$E!!! Extreme Caution is advised. Material is suitable for older teens and Adults over 18.

I would say its ok for teens 16-18. Mostly contains profanity and some graphic worded imagery.

Book Description;

A brief glance into the disturbed mind of a woman dealing with both mental illness and Stage IV Endometriosis. The emphasis is upon her chronic pain condition and the overall impact endometriosis has on her life including her mental health. This is a short poetry collection intended for mature audiences only. Some profanity and graphic imagery is described. This disease is too often undervalued on its effect on a woman’s mind body &soul. This is raw poetry written from an angry, lonely and painful place. It is a self-purging of a pelvic problem that is commonly misunderstood by both laypersons and those in the medical field.
It is roghly 48-49 pages in length.
And is that perfect gift for that woman you know who has everything, including painful periods, ovarian cysts, fibroids,painful intercourse and an electric heating pad or a water bottle she carries wherever she goes along with a purseful of Advil and Kleenex.Oh, yes all of that besides a Uterus who won’t shut up & is constantly screaming at her.

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