Current Freebie Gems on Kindle by Emily Sturgill, M.Ed BFA

Currently, as of today right now I have five different ebooks which are completely FREE to download off of kindle:


These Deals will not last forever, so get yours quickly before supplies run out!!

Most of these ebooks do talk about my own personal battles & struggles living with Bipolar Disorder 1 also called previously, Manic-Depression. I like the old name better because it sums it up exactly for what is really is the flux between or even in each mood state of Mania or Depression.

Unfortunately, for those afflicted this illness can wreck havoc on your life and upon the lives of those you care about. Also despite being more frequently diagnosed these days-I was diagnosed in 1992-There is still a HUGE STIGMA in our country regarding mental health issues. I personally, have been out of the closet for quite sometime on my illness and these issues of unfair treatment. But even so, if I were to try to get another job or do volunteer work as a highly trained Art Therapist it might be wise for me to not mention my “disability” due to the Stigma and Controversy that is caused. Also highly, unfortunate is our Media’s constant portrayal of those with mental health issues being violent, or homicidal or criminals.  The truth is many of us are not those things but you only hear about is when someone does something horrific and happens to have a mental illness diagnosis.

Anyways not all of my books are about being bipolar, just like not all of my poetry is about being bipolar, yet I do have this illness and will mention it from time to time. Just so you know….just so I do not need to explain….but yes I am a crazy person/woman/artist/poet/wife/animal-lover/art-therapist. And yes, I write a lot of books & poems. For me that is just who & how I AM for now…..

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