Everyone’s a critic

Everyone’s a critic

they show their shadow side

unleashed behind the teeth

of a fake smile

they look at what you say, make or do

then they say it could’a been

oh so much better!

I understand and fully believe

in constructive criticisms~but please don’t

tell me these things I make or create

simply don’t work out

or that they plainly suck

when you remind me of the

back seat driver.

When was the last time you actually

made something yourself?

Or created something out of thin air?

Or molded some words into a poem, or a story?

Or made some snazzy drawing-still counts even if

it was made out of lunacy.

Don’t slam me for my efforts.

It’s unfair.

It’s not constructive criticisms.

It’s more like your just unimpressed

with any of my mundane efforts.

Why are people so quick to focus

on failures, or negatives or the bad & the ugly?


4 thoughts on “Everyone’s a critic

    • I actually wrote this is response to sharing the poem “love me gently” with my intended love, my husband. He felt I was sharing it to get critiqued~ I was not!! I was sharing it with him because I love him. When his only confused response was, “sounds a little repetitive doesn’t it?” I flew off the handle. I was expecting more of “thank you I love you too.” So I wrote this second poem to vent my feelings. Then we had a dumb fight but made up again. I think my “love” poems embarrass him…but it’s ok we are better now. But, yeah, I gave him some hell over that.:)

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