empty hollow heart

empty hollow heart-

by emily sturgill dec 27,2014

empty hollow heart

peek inside

as i fall apart.

there is nothing left

but madness here.

my insides are ugly

and i don’t wanna hear,

about The law of Attraction

or the power

of positive thinking.

i don’t want to hear

i choose to be victimized

i choose to be labelled insane

as if it was my choice

or some sort of fucked up game.

like why would i choose to be

something that makes


hate me?

as if i merely thought more positively

i would not be completely

fucked up and crazy?

like it’s my attitude that needs fixing,

all the while I pop all these prescription pills

and drugs, to fix my negative attitude?

As if a car does not need gasoline to run?

Some people say, its just a “chemical imbalance” that gets in my way.

that if i take enough drugs, somehow i could be

someone to love?

if i lived in another time frame,

if i lived in a different culture,

i might have really been somebody

like a medicine doctor, or a prophet, or a seer

instead i am stuck, right over here, in a box

labelled crazy, caution, do not touch.

And all the positive thinking in the world

it just does not

“fix” people like “us”.


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