a peek at the mundane

a peek at the mundane

Emily Sturgill 12/26/14


Orange Clementines slowly going soft-

A plate of Orange Clementines

lying lightly

near the foot of my bed

on a paper plate on top of a black sheet

this sheet is dirty

and littered with cigarette ashes.                          CAM01452

my bed that’s dirty too,

filled up to the brim

with the remnants of randomness,

with the lazy lingering train

of half accomplished thoughts

of boredom deeply dreadful

it follows me lewdly

boredom is never sought.

If I reflected too deeply

depression drives me, it goes faster than race cars,

faster than thoughts.

Dwelling on the pimpled roughness of the

clementines skin, they are lovely to look upon,

yet beneath their gold rough patched outsides

they contain a liquid which is slowly

glowing into soften

over-ripe fruit.


Soft on the outside, on the inside they are dripping

as they linger there safely watching me,

realizing I probably will not pounce

as my nausea grabs a hold of me,

laughing at me

it dares me to rip

these clementines apart

knowing full well

I haven’t the stomach

no matter how sweet

the golden liquid is

no matter that they contain

no seeds at all

tempting i know

but with one single bite

i would fall

into so much more

self pity & sorrow


as my stomach

has lost any appetite

and has in fact

turned itself

back into stone.


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