Merry Christmas, Merry Yule & happy holidays!!


Christmas time blessings 2014

As I ponder the Christmas season,my heart swells up with love, gratitude & hope. Many joyful blessings have touched my life, in this past year.

I have a newly addition to our large wonderful family, a new great nephew Jace was born to my niece Leah and her boyfriend Bryan. I have connected with more online friends, two new friends, Michelle Short and Dr. Leesa Abbott come to mind.

When I think of all my blessings ~a warm house, plenty of food in our kitchen, being an able bodied individual with use of arms,hands,legs and feet, being able to see the world around me, being a born artist, poet, and occasionally a lunatic, being an observer, having a loving and loyal spouse, having a car to drive whenever I need it, owning enough clothing,shoes,books,technical gadgets and having many friends, truly I am a very lucky person.

Thank all of you, my readers, you inspire me constantly to strive to be a better writer and poet.

Wishing you each the best this holifay season, no matter how you choose to celebrate or gather, may your Yule time be great and bountiful. May you spend the holidays with loved ones. If that is not possible, just remember always somewhere, at some point you are and were loved, and love is always out there no matter how lonely life may get.

Blessings and Cheer, Happy holidays, and Have a safe happy New Years too. May all your dreams come true.

Warm wishes,

Sex in the kitchen sink,
Emily Sturgill 12/25/14

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