Poetry Anthology Part two update

Last night I made an executive decision for a title. I basically like “Dredging up Demeter: Autumn Anthology of Poetry.” I did some basic artwork based upon this theme.

Anthology Autumn Artwork1 Anthology Autumn Artwork Cover rough1 So far I have a total of five poets if I am including myself!! I am eager for more poets to join in-whether you were one of my poets in the first anthology OR not!! I am more than willing to accept new poets! The basic themes are still the same. I am leaning towards dividing the book in half like I did with my previous project. The first time I just ordered each poem in the order it was emailed to me in the first half of our project. In the second half I put all the remaining poems grouped by each individual poet. We did also include small bio statements which we may not do this time-I’m going to leave it up to my poets-if they wish to do this again or not?

The themes are:

1. Autumn

2. Seasonal Holidays: Halloween, Day of the Dead, Samhain, Thanksgiving perhaps I should also include? Christmas and Winter Solstice here as well…?

3. Changing of Seasons: Summer into Fall or Fall into Winter

If you wish to be included? It is easy. Just email me a poem on one of the above themes. The Deadline is either Dec 1st or when I reach around 20 poets. Then I will ask for at least 2 poems possibly 3 more poems for each poet. My email is:

sexinthekitchensink@hotmail.com or holisticartworks@gmail.com Please put Poetry Anthology 2 in subject line or Dredging up Demeter.


6 thoughts on “Poetry Anthology Part two update

  1. Beautiful artwork Em! Anthologies are among my all time favorite to reads, it is great to have the talent of so many poets in one original and organized volume. The first anthology was absolutely marvelous, I enjoyed it tremendously! Best of luck to the participating poets of this new project, I am looking forward to reading/reviewing this new volume:)

    • Thank you so much! I was hoping that the art would be good enough. I worked on both pieces last night for about 3 hours. I’m just uncertain if I should paint a background around Demeter. That is supposed to be the book cover.

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