“Red Bones: Poetry and Artwork.” Newly Released this week on 10/07/14, just $2.99.

My newest Poetry and Artist chapbook, “Red Bones: Poetry and Artwork.” was just released on Kindle two days ago. It is 68 pages long, with 33 poems and has original colored art images. I just got the paperback version in the mail today. It is a very nice collection. I hope people check it out on kindle.

If you like this blog, chances are good that you will also enjoy my books-all of which include original art images created by me.

To check it out please follow this link right here:


Don’t forget to click on search inside this book for a preview.

If you like what you see please consider buying my ebook. The ebook is only $2.99. It is more expensive for the paperback version-$16.99. However if you do buy a paperback version you can get the kindle version for just 99 cents. I really appreciate feedback, reviews or comments of any kind whether left on my blog or on my Amazon.com’s author page: http://www.amazon.com/author/emilysturgill/.

Kindle book cover for Red Bones poetry and Artwork Red Bones NewBookCoverPreview

Book Description

October 7, 2014
This is a collection of roughly 33 poems centering on the theme loosely based on the color Red. It also contains original artwork and is estimated at around 68 pages in length.Colors often invoke images and feelings. Imagery and emotions are the very fabric which poets create poetry. Color invites thought,form and concrete notions. I decided to focus on Red as it is one of my favorites. I can only hope my artwork along side my poetry can inspire or touch readers in a thoughtful focused way. Let’s explore the world of Red, its texture, it’s feelings, right down to its bones. This ebook does contain some mature content.


This collection includes some poetry I wrote dedicated to some of my friends: Nyama Reed Marsh-In search of a Tiara and Susan Byrne and Bernadette Grosebeck, Pain Visits Here. I also wrote a poem in memory of Robin Williams.


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