Coming Clean

Coming Clean
in the form
of typewritten

Feelings will come.
Feelings will go.
Sometimes you just gotta
type it out.
instead of scream or shout.

Sometimes you just gotta come
clean to the facts
not everyday
is rainbows and puffy

not everyday is perfect.
without the bad stuff
there would be
no yin to my yang
or the opposite no yang
to my yin.

Sometimes you gotta accept
that bad days come and go
despite lingering unrealistic
beliefs that every day start
with super duper
positive affirmations
to set us apart.

the misguided view that bad days
just do not happen
even to the best of you.

it’s the worst type
of foolery.
Nobody has a perfect life.
Everybody has some waves
on their sea.

All you can hope for
is to be
the best me
that you can be
in any given situation.

I’ve gotta come clean.
For sometimes
bad days do happen.
But on the flip side
not everyday will be
rotten or bad.

Life comes with both.
Good and then Bad.
There is learning to find
in the flip side

of any coin

you throw

into your wishing well.

Do you know, what I mean?
I just gotta come clean.

It’s not all rainbows
and puffy unicorns.

but instead life is like
a seed, the more you water
the more you grow
the more you gleam
and the more you

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