Blessings-Friday May 9, 2014
Emily Sturgill

small precious gemstones,
filled with flowers of forget me nots
and overlooked,
among the overwrought dressings, of my mind.

are the biggest obvious thing,
which stands between
me and oblivion.

My mind concocts
all the easier blooms-first.
The green buds of negativity
and the “have-nots.”
The harbingers of doom.

instead of simply searching for
the shiny sweet and happy spot.

Counting them up,
the blessings I’ve got.

It really is an easy
as 1,2, 3…
If you seek them out.

they always whisper to you,
they never scream nor shout.

but whats really important
is the notion-
simple riddle as this is:

Never take a blessing for granted
because really, it does matter
it’s all we got.

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