Mothers Day

Mothers Day-
by Emily Sturgill

I feel
the pressure
of your hand
my forehead still…
to see if I was sick with fever.

The pressure
of your fingertips
lingers lightly
on my head.

Oh, what I would give!
Just to wake up one day
and learn your no longer

The memories,
are merely moments
I shared with you.

Years, Years, and Years
many many moons ago-

If only I knew,
how quickly
moments, and memories

I would have pulled you tighter
and held you near.
really regretting all
the fights we once had.

I wonder if your
in heaven
are you still mad?

6 thoughts on “Mothers Day

    • If you still have her, cherish her, no matter what. Life is much too short. You never know…I lost my mom to ALS 13 and a half years ago. She was diagnosed in summer of 2000 but she died in November that same year. It was way too fast and way too ugly. She was only 53. I still miss her and suppose I always will.

      • I was lucky enough to make peace with her before she died. I told her how sorry I was for all our fighting and that I loved her. Some don’t get that chance. Still I regret ever taking her for granted. I was just so young…mid twenties when she passed. If I could go back, I would try to enjoy all the good times much more. That is my biggest regret.

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