Help Wanted: Poets please apply…

I am just tumbling the idea of a collection of poetry of some of my own poems, but also publishing some poetry of some of my friends. I am unsure of how to go about doing such an anthology? Especially as far as earning any profits…To be fair, I am not looking to cash in on anybody elses’s talents. Instead I like the idea of several of us poets coming together and creating a self published anthology of poetry MORE for self-expression and Self-exposure, publicity if you will….It’s just an idea in the rough.

But I am thinking maybe X amount of poets & 3 poems each + a short auto-bio of each poet and links to other published works or links to poets blog or website…

If this idea appeals to anybody please send me a sample poem and an email introduction to:

If I edited this type of book for kindle I would probably price it very low like .99 cents for the ebook.
I’m not too sure if this even interests anybody? But I know some of the poets i follow here have yet to be published. Perhaps being included in an anthology would give them the well needed push to self publish their own stuff.

My proposals is simple-email me a single poem and the first 20 poet’s poems I receive will be asked to be part of this collection. Deadline is whenever I receive 20 entry emails or let’s say the Summer Solstice June 21st Midnight EST. If you are selected-via-I receive 20 poems-I will email those poets ASAP and you will need to submit just 2 more poems and a short auto-bio poet statement.

Well then, let see if there are any fishes biting? Let the Games begin!!


21 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Poets please apply…

  1. Thank you for your comment/click on my review, I’m glad you liked it! It is terrific to have Dean’s support with this new project, I hope it will be a success. It should be fun to review an anthology too, I’m still not keen on writing poetry myself, but will let you know if I can find the time to develop new writing skills etc.

  2. So far Two poets have entered, sending one poem each & 3 additional poets have indicated they are interested. So if those three pull through my total will be 5 down-15 more to go!! I have never done a collaboration like this before-I find it very exciting. Hopeful more people will join in. I really want 2 things: Diversity and Promotion for new upcoming poets!

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