I feel so cold
I shiver.

But the more I cover up-
the more I sweat.

Feeling sick.
Feeling blue.
Everything is way too heavy,
I don’t know what to do.

Strength is found in silence.
Grace is found in Hope.

The ability to grow and change,
is all I am
hoping for.

Stress Song

Stress Song-4/10/13
by Emily Sturgill

It feels like
a million butterflies,
Deep inside my stomach-
trying to Crawl, Chew and
Burn their way out.

My Stomach is a knarly,knotted old
tree stump…
or this-

a piece of rope tangled
into flesh made real.

I honestly have
no idea how to think
or feel.

Thinking things through…

Thinking things through…
the wind conveys the secret
message that
Spring is almost near.

Thinking things through…
as the bulbs begin to bud.
As the air begins to warm and whisper.
The wind sends out call,
to all the flocks of birds-
then to the other animals
both small and tall.

Thinking things through…
I stand in the thick and thin out of
it all.
Trying to catch a Spring breeze
as the smell of grass
and the feel of Sun and Air upon
my bare arm, everything
catches up to me-
in a moment of Awe.

Thinking things through…
this is the time of the year,
to sort through the old,
and embrace the new.

Just taking my time
to gather my thoughts
and think these things through…