“In Love with a Word: Poetry.” now available for sale

My newest poetry chapbook is now available on the kindle for just $3.99
Please follow this link if this interests you:

Also I prepared a version as a paperback. This is higher priced it is $11.99.
It is available now through the Createspace.com store: https://www.createspace.com/4785144

Through the Kindle Match book program if you want to have both copies If you buy the paperback off Amazon.com you can buy the e book/kindle version at the same time at a discount-just .99 cents.
Overall, I have not published very much work this year as compared to last. All of these poems in this newest book were written recently, during this past month. I have yet to set up a promotional period through kindle but I will update my blog when I know when that will be. Most likely, I will choose to do a free promotional phase.

This collection is different than others in the past, as I have included very few photos and only one piece-well wait, two pieces of artwork. I am wondering if my words alone are strong enough to stand on their own. I am also wondering what kind of feedback I might get?

I am hoping that the poems are good enough…
I am hoping that some of my readers from my blog here will want to check it out. Most often the poems featured on my blog differ from the ones I publish. If you do decide to buy a copy or get it when there is a free promotion, please consider submitting a review on Amazon.com or on GoodReads.com.
I just set up the free promotional period on kindle, for this summer. My foolish & sincere hope is that if you cannot wait that long, you might just buy my book on kindle!!
But I said I would share the info with you-my readers-so here it goes:
*****this book’s free promo days will be: July 1-July 5th, 2014. :)

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