Sneak peak: New Poetry Book soon to be released

I just finished up a new manuscript today and submitted it to kindle for review.
It is priced more affordable than some of my other chapbooks in the past. I used much less images-only roughly 5 photos and one picture of a watercolor painting-that is also on the cover. Here is a link:

It should be on sale sometime tomorrow-it will be priced at just $3.99.

One of the poems was recently featured here on my blog, it is called,” Monday Madness.” It was posted on April 21, 2014.

I’m trying to figure out if I should post another one of the poems from the new book here:


Ok, just one more but if you want more than that, please buy my new book! It is called,
“In Love with a word: Poetry.” by Emily Sturgill, 2014.

Here is one more poetic peek:

So much to say
Yet so few words
To say it.

So many ideas
flutter into secrets,

slipping sideways
right inside
the doorway
of a dream.

Eyes wide open,
still trapped into a dream.
It is a trance like state,
A skipping slip
Of Fate.

So much to say,
yet so few
words to say it.
The pulpit is bare-
there is no Preacher

As I stumble, struggle,
and stagger,
with Philosophy, Religion,
Reason-shaped like a dagger.

Faith eludes me.
I dance upon belief.
When I was younger,
I used to pray before I sleep.

But all my prayers-they got used up.
And like Brilliant Beautiful Butterflies,
they all flew away.

So much to say-
Yet so few words
To say it.

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